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I'm an engineering student and I need to make a programming project in a group of 4 in around 5months, what are some project ideas I can make? I was thinking about something related to AI or blockchain, or a game with AI but please not chess.

What I have tried:

I first thought of making a rocket league bot or something like that
Updated 2-Aug-22 4:21am
Richard MacCutchan 7-Dec-21 5:24am    
Start by thinking about the subjects that you understand, and also consider which languages you are experienced with.
taha Dec2021 7-Dec-21 5:36am    
I did some python and currently learning java, and i'm interested in AI, blockchain crypto trading and videogames but open to learn any new thing because i assume that any project must need additional research so any idea is welcome.

Poor mans' Elon Musk rocket landing with machine learning.

You need:
1) very simple and limited physics engine (a rocket behavior simulator, where you can do your flights and train your net)
2) deep neural net to learn how to fire motors based on sensors (successful landing as the backpropagation criteria)
3) the visualization software to make it look cool.
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We can't tell you "do this" - we have no idea of your interests (which are important as they encourage you to complete the task well), your abilities, your skills, ... and most important of all, what your teacher expects you to produce!

A task I might find interesting may bore you rigid, or be to complex for your skills and knowledge. Or it might be to big or too small for your teacher to accept.

Think about the "4 or 5 months" you have to do this, and work out how much time you are prepared / expected to put into it for each member of the group. Then sit down between you and start bouncing ideas off each other. When you have an "acceptable ideas" shortlist, work out as a group who is good at / interested in doing what and decide on a project you can work on together.

Then organise. Define the task between you, so you all have a target, and break it into individual tasks, with "acceptance criteria" so you know when it's done. Then strat setting deadlines for sub bits, and arrange to get together pretty frequently to make sure that progress is being made.
That may sound like overkill, but I've worked on enough school projects where some=body just leaves it to the last moment (or can't be bothered) and others have to "take up the slack" in a rush or you all fail. Keep it friendly, but organised - it's a lot harder to say "I was busy this week" every time you get together when the others are all reporting progress and you haven't even started yet ... :laugh:
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