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Pardon me if this is not allowed here, you can remove this if this is not allowed.

I’ve finished learning basics of HTML and CSS indvidually. I.e topic by topic w/o creating a project.
If you want to know the topics that I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt around everything contained in the book “learning web design by jennifer robbins”.
Now, I want to do some projects using only html and css. Please share some beginner friendly projects(websites) to do. I’m really stuck and unable to create any projects even though I know the basics. And it’s really scaring me away from programming.
I don’t want to look at tutorials that make projects because IDK but that doesn’t help me at this point. They’re building websites with their own thought process and I have a different thought process.
IDK what could help me. If you ever faced this phase, do share how you overcame this phase.

For eg: I watch this video. I know everything he’s doing in the video. But when I’ve to create a site without looking at him, I don’t get it. I try to make stuffs but then I fail.

I was trying to create this site.

But I am stuck here.

Words are lost here and I’m failing to debug them. Eg: “CODING.” is overlapped with first navbar.

I’m missing a space after “CONTACT” as well. Issues like this happens everytime. How do I get out of them?

I’d like to see some projects examples that I can build step by step at this phase with some guidance as well. I tried courses by Jonas Schmedtan but didn’t like it, tried academind’s course and didn’t like it. Both were bestsellers courses. Don’t like brad traversy’s way of presentation either. It says a lot about me and maybe I’m not built for programming.

What I could do with CSS could also be done with bootstrap but the main point is that I am fundamentally not able to create something from scratch. I’ve put around 1 month on learning html and css and looking at my current situation, I’m having to rethink about my programming career, if that’s even right for me.

What I have tried:

I've tried making small projects on my own.
Updated 24-Nov-22 3:33am
Member 15627495 24-Nov-22 8:50am    
hello !
for the "coding" words , use 'line-height'
for the "contact" area, use a 'padding-right: 50px;' ( 50 or what you want )
bhaskar977 24-Nov-22 9:30am    
for coding! adding line-height does nothing.
Gerry Schmitz 24-Nov-22 11:13am    
Most web sites follow a particular pattern. No one writes a web site from scratch; they use a template and / or a hosting service with a set of tools / dashboard / control panel. Find a simple one (template; web site) and see how it fits together; that's how you learn when you have no other learning plan.
bhaskar977 26-Nov-22 10:32am    
hmm, do you mean I should use bootstrap? But for learning bootstrap, I require to learn css properly and build a website using css and html only.

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