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i'm using a Picturebox and a Richtextbox.
copy Image from Picturebox in Clipboad with this Code:

and Paste Image from Clipboard to Richtextbox with this Code:
DataFormats.Format myFormat = DataFormats.GetFormat(DataFormats.Bitmap);
if (richTextBox1.CanPaste(myFormat))
        MessageBox.Show("The data format that you attempted to paste is not supported by this    control.");

but when Paste image from Clipboard to Richtextbox, Color Background image is Blue!
See this Image:[^]

So How change Color Background of Clipboard?

Updated 14-Mar-13 10:30am
[no name] 14-Mar-13 7:53am    
The clipboard does not have a color. And whatever that site is that you link to does not demonstrate your problem.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Mar-13 16:44pm    
My 5! However, the problem is solvable, but the method is dirty.
I provided detailed answer, with good and interesting alternatives, please see.
Your comment is of course credited.
Menon Santosh 14-Mar-13 9:37am    
You can not change the color of any object on clipboard
alias136792 14-Mar-13 12:24pm    
i whant just copy image from Picturebox to Richtextbox.
but when copy to Richtextbox, Image backcolor is blue! i want change this color to white.
so what i do?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 14-Mar-13 16:45pm    
Nevertheless, the problem is solvable, even with this (dirty!) clipboard method. Please see my answer.

1 solution

As ThePhantomUpvoter correctly pointed out, the clipboard has no color. :-)

You need to change the background of the image before you copy it with Clipboard.SetImage. Then you can restore it.

If you use the clipboard just to put data in the rich text box, this is a very dirty method, because you interfere with other possible uses of the clipboard. You can write to rich text box content directly, using its format, which is publicly available:[^],[^].

I remember one answer of one CodeProject member who demonstrated the code doing it. However, I don't want to search for this CodeProject link. First, you can do it by yourself. More importantly, RTF format is very awkward to work with and pretty much obsolete. I would advise to use something else: HTML, Microsoft Office Open XML or open-source OpenDocument:[^],[^].

The standards are well documented, there are APIs you can use. Interested?

Now, as to HTML. There is a perfect CodeProject component which will render HTML document for you, without using the WebBrowser control. You can even use hrefs to embedded resources, including images. Please see:
A Professional HTML Renderer You Will Use[^].

By the way, you don't need PictureBox at all. You need a bitmap (in other cases, you need direct rendering of graphics). Why you guys always use this nearly useless control, even in cases when it does not help at all, only presents hassles?!

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