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Hi all

I have just little background in web and I need to do this task by myself so I will be most grateful for your help

this is what my boss told me to do (as far as I understand) - I have to write a web service server which gets some parameters in SOAP message from a web site, check their validity and then insert/update them in a SQL DB. I have to do it using vb.NET in Visual Studio 2010. I read a bit about it and if I understand correctly .NET takes care already of the SOAP an WSDL issue, it is transparent to me, isn't it? or should I install or implement anything concerning that? I saw some examples in the net that all you have to do is to implement web_method in the asmx file, is it so? if yes, which parameters will my method get - the whole bunch of 20 parametres supposed to be in the message? It seems to me I need to know who consumes the service and how, no? or I can assume that he will adjust himself to the service I offer?

anything I need to declare or to update in order to connect to the DB?
Sorry for the length, Hope I am understood... Any help will be appreciated - uf the answer is too long I will be happy just to get a pointer to some relevant material I can read and learn.

Thanks a lot
Balimusi 10-May-13 9:51am    
There are tons of materials out there on the Internet on how to implement a Web service. In fact, I have an article on basic WCF implementation. You can also download the source code and play around with it. It was developed using VS2012, but you can still open it using VS2010. Check it out:

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The below links will show how to implement web services and consume at client application:
Understanding the Basics of Web Service in ASP.NET[^][^]
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