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Dim str,cnt,chk,chk1
str = InputBox("Enter the character","Repeated Character")
For cnt = 1 To Len(str)
flg = 1
chk = Mid(str,cnt,1)
chk1 = Mid(str,cnt+1,1)
If chk = chk1 Then
flg = flg + 1
MsgBox chk & "-" &flg &" " &"Occurence" ,1,"Occurrence"

cnt = cnt + 1
End If

Chandan Norway
CPallini 14-Jun-13 7:34am
What is your problem?
i.e. what is the expected behavior of your program (and what is the observed one?)?
chandan norway 14-Jun-13 9:47am
if i give input "caaaeff "

the output should be like dis "a" occured 3 and "f" occured 2

how to do dis?...i'm a beginner to vbscript please help me out..
thanks in advance:)

1 solution

The basic problem you are probably having is that you aren't checking every character: a For loop automatically increments the variable, so when you don't find a match you skip a character automatically. Removing your whole Else clause will probably fix that, but that is a poor way to do things.

I would rename your variables: chk becomes lastChar and I would set it to a silly value to start with.
I would then use a For Each loop to extract each character in turn:
Dim str As String = "hello paul"
Dim lastChar As Char = ControlChars.Lf
For Each thisChar As Char In str
    If thisChar = lastChar Then
        'Show the repeat
    End If
    lastChar = thisChar

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