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Is their any way to read & write .csv file to the registry using C# winforms? If yes how to do that please help me?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Sep-13 14:38pm    
It has nothing to do with "winforms". You need to embrace separation of concerns.
BillWoodruff 4-Sep-13 23:34pm    
Yes, you could (and you have two solutions here that direct you to where you can find out how), but I hope you'll take Sergey's advice, and the caution expressed by OriginalGriff, and NOT do it ! Writing some large bunch of "stuff" into the Registry is the worst possible storage method you could use.

All you need is this:[^].

And please see my comment to the question. Please see:[^].

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Yes, but I really wouldn't. It is getting harder and harder to access the registry (for good reasons - it was badly abused), and large values (as CSV files tend to be) aren't a good idea at the best of times.

Instead, why not store the file somewhere a bit more normal, and more likely to be backed up? Where should I store my data?[^] makes some suggestions, and it's a lot easier to play with.
If you must store it in the registry, then see here:[^]
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Sep-13 14:52pm    
5 for providing more reasonable alternatives. Indeed, the registry is already heavily abused, so it's the best to avoid contaminating it even further. :-)
Member 10240994 5-Sep-13 8:16am    
Thank you very much for the solution and it is good article.
you are right instead of using registry, I stored in locally and access from there.
OriginalGriff 5-Sep-13 8:21am    
You're welcome!

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