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i have database like

id=1111 and fighi="1AoHere"

id=3333 and fighi="3AoHere"

id=1111 and fighi="12AoHere"

idl=3333 and fighi="32AoHere"

id=1111 and fighi="11AoHere"

id=3333 and fighi="31AoHere"

id=11121 and fighi="12AoHere"

idl=33332 and fighi="32AoHere"

in datatable

i want to use select query for datatable to get below for query (select id='1111' and id='2222')

1AoHere,12AoHere,11AoHere  all these for id=1111

3AoHere,32AoHere,31AoHere  all these for id =3333

Try this:
SELECT Id, fighi=
   STUFF((SELECT ',' + CONVERT(VarChar(10), fighi)
      FROM MyTable b
      WHERE b.Id = a.lId
      FOR XML PATH('')), 1, 1, '')
FROM MyTable a
WHERE Id IN (1111, 3333)
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maulikshah1990 3-Jan-14 5:02am    
how to use above in , and in datatable

pls give code example
OriginalGriff 3-Jan-14 5:07am    
Use that as your select query, and it will fill the DataTable.
maulikshah1990 3-Jan-14 5:13am    
1AoHere,12AoHere,11AoHere all these for id=1111

3AoHere,32AoHere,31AoHere all these for id =3333
the above two was just to explain you..

i want values in.. select

exp.: if i want fighi for id=1111 and id=3333 ..what is select query from datatable in
OriginalGriff 3-Jan-14 5:21am    
Sorry, we seem to be talking at cross purposes here - From what I read of your question the query does exactly what you are asking for - so where is the confusion between us?
Did you try the select? What did it return, and what did you expect it to return?
maulikshah1990 3-Jan-14 5:29am    
forgot everything from before question..
below is what i need to do

i have records in database as

hotelid amenitieid
11123 25253
25361 24452
47458 25253
74852 15236
96585 25253
65923 25253
84664 15236
12321 15236

now from above, if i want hotelid where amenitieid = 25253 and amenitieid =15236 , and not any other hotelid , then what is query in datatable ...

what too use in (amenitieid='15236' and amenitieid='25253');

i hope this is clear ....
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Use thise:
FROM TableName
WHERE ID IN (111, 333)

FROM TableName
WHERE (ID =111) OR (ID =333)

You can't use AND operator with WHERE statement, because ID can't be equal to 111 and 333 at the same time. It can be equal 111 or 333.
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