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var hidval = document.getElementById("<%=hdhidden.ClientID %>");

but hidval is always getting null i tried using sigle quote but it does not help i dont know why i am getting null please help me..

and my aspx page is
<asp:HiddenField ID="hdhidden"  runat="server" Value="mahesh" />
Updated 10-Apr-14 22:44pm
Jignesh Khant 11-Apr-14 3:46am    
var hidval = document.getElementById("<%=hdhidden.ClientID %>").value;

This should work.
Member 10057465 11-Apr-14 3:50am    
no hidval is returning null .value saying object required
Jignesh Khant 11-Apr-14 4:13am    
document.getElementById('<%= hdhidden.ClientID%>')

Dont use value, replace double quotes with single.
Member 10057465 11-Apr-14 5:28am    
yes i have used document.getElementById('<%= hdhidden.ClientID%>') this and also i have tried
at runtime id of that control like

document.getElementById('contentplaceholder_hdhidden') but still i cannot get the control in javascript

document.getElementById('<%= hdhidden.ClientID%>').value;
try this.
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Member 10057465 11-Apr-14 5:28am    
yes i have used single quote but still its throwing object required..
[no name] 11-Apr-14 7:23am    
hdhidden.ClientID give direct clietID here ,Inspect ELEMENT > find out the client ID
You can try this...
var hidval = document.getElementById("hdhidden");

If you are using in content page should try the below code...

var hidval = document.getElementById('<%= hdhidden.ClientID%>').value;
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Member 10057465 11-Apr-14 5:29am    
yeah i am using content page and tried your code but its throwing object required please help me..

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