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How to covert Audio file to word file in 2010(windows application). Please help me Step by step.

As suggested by Pheonyx bro above...
Here's your VB.NET code for conversion function.
Redirect the returned string to a TextBox or to a TextFile.
then copy it to your word file

Dim sre As New SpeechRecognitionEngine()
Dim gr As Grammar = New DictationGrammar()
sre.SetInputToWaveFile("YourWavFileLocation") 'you must give full path 
sre.BabbleTimeout = New TimeSpan(Int32.MaxValue)
sre.InitialSilenceTimeout = New TimeSpan(Int32.MaxValue)
sre.EndSilenceTimeout = New TimeSpan(100000000)
sre.EndSilenceTimeoutAmbiguous = New TimeSpan(100000000)

Dim sb As New StringBuilder()
While True
        Dim recText = sre.Recognize()
        If recText Is Nothing Then
            Exit Try
        End If

    Catch ex As Exception
        'handle exception
        'give msgbox about error or etc
    End Try
End While
Return sb.ToString()
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You've clearly done no research on the subject, so here is a possible starting point.[^]

I suggest you have a look at that (the code is in c# but can easily be converted to

Once you have it converting to text then you can put it in a word file.
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