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Launching Visual Studio 2008 with administrator rights on a Windows 8 development machine,

I can deploy/debug a Windows Mobile application on a device one single time,

The next one I always got the following exception
"Connection has failed/The RPC server is unavailable"

I already check that the several RPC services are started and they are. Btw I can't stop/restart them, that's annoying.

Anyway the only solution I found it's to restart Visual Studio, then I can deploy one more time. But God knows how many times you have to do this operation in a development day
Updated 6-Oct-16 2:20am
pjaar89 6-Mar-15 3:02am    
pjaar89 9-Mar-15 3:47am    

1 solution

I had the same issue with Windows 10/Vs 2008/WMO 6.5:
First, I installed VS2008 SP1. (didn't helped much... I had then a "Device not ready" error instead of "RPC server...")
Then, I uninstalled WMDC and WMDC driver update and it worked. (apparently VS doesn't need them to debug an app)

I need that to uninstall WMDC driver update: (it was keeping reappearing)
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SoMad 12-May-17 1:49am    
Your answer got caught by the spam filter. Since there were no other solutions to the question and it looks like this fixed your problem on Windows 10, I let your answer through the spam moderation. It is something we are always careful doing when someone answers an old question, but hopefully it can help someone else that runs into the same issue.

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