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Comments by Aniket Yadav (Top 155 by date)

Aniket Yadav 11-Oct-13 5:02am View    
Provide Sample data.
Aniket Yadav 27-Sep-13 1:46am View    
Will you please explain in detail what exactly you want to achieve? Example will be more descriptive
Aniket Yadav 24-Sep-13 0:51am View    
Will you please explain in a more specific way? What actually you are planning to do?
U say that you have printed the bar code but cannot use in barcode scanner...
Check ur barcode scanner and see what font does it supports... See its manual for more details... u will definitely find the fonts supported by that scanner.
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:45am View    
Any Sample Code or any link for that so that i could get a clear picture...
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:44am View    
Yes Sir.