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Aniket Yadav 11-Oct-13 5:02am View
Provide Sample data.
Aniket Yadav 27-Sep-13 1:46am View
Will you please explain in detail what exactly you want to achieve? Example will be more descriptive
Aniket Yadav 24-Sep-13 0:51am View
Will you please explain in a more specific way? What actually you are planning to do?
U say that you have printed the bar code but cannot use in barcode scanner...
Check ur barcode scanner and see what font does it supports... See its manual for more details... u will definitely find the fonts supported by that scanner.
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:45am View
Any Sample Code or any link for that so that i could get a clear picture...
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:44am View
Yes Sir.
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:23am View
No its an windows form application
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:07am View
And thankyou for downvoting my question...
Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 8:03am View
Why are you so panic???

Aniket Yadav 22-Jun-12 7:42am View
Nobody To Discuss This Topi????
Aniket Yadav 14-Mar-12 7:58am View
do you want to set in runtime?
Aniket Yadav 14-Mar-12 2:00am View
What is this? What you want to do here? Will you elaborate more?
Aniket Yadav 14-Mar-12 1:59am View
Is it MDI application?
Aniket Yadav 13-Mar-12 8:08am View
Your Question was not clear... Please elaborate more
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 8:27am View
try .trim()

if (e.Row.Cells[1].Text.Trim() == string.Empty)
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 8:16am View
yes off course becoz when you click the button the focus is set on the button and will be lost from the textboxes.

What exactly you want to do?

will you explain ur concept to me so that i can help you?
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 7:45am View
Sorry Boss, I am totally unaware of this topic... But still i searched and found the above link which i thought will be useful to you.
The search criteria which i applied was "after fuzzification apply dilation and erosion".

You can use it and find the material useful to you
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 7:39am View
DataSet ds=new DataSet();
ds.Tables[0].Select("a10 !=''");

check this
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 7:07am View
If it has helped you then accept the answer or vote it... :)
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 6:51am View
dataset.Tables[0].Select("YourSecondColName != "")

from the above query you will get the records which are not null.

Fetch this records into dataset/datatable and then bind this dataset/datatable to gridview
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 5:04am View
1. so you have taken the data from excel into dataset... right?
2. Now you can select the record from dataset where your second column is not null.
3. And fetch the output of this into new dataset.
4. Finally fire GridView1.DataSource = newlycreateddataSet.Tables[0];
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 4:57am View
check that on date changed event if you have shown date in your form/Page.
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 2:56am View
Post your sample code
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 1:39am View
Inserted proper tags
Aniket Yadav 12-Mar-12 1:01am View
Elaborate more.
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 8:44am View
from where are you exporting the data to excel?
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 8:26am View
Will you elaborate little more. What exactly do you want to do?
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 7:37am View
yes i am looking for this question. Lets hope for the best.
If in case you find anything related to this then reply me on

Best of luck
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 7:30am View
Like i said, you have to create custom form for such application and for that i have provided you the links. If you are developing new application then go for WPF. because doing this type of thing is a piece of cake in WPF
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 7:24am View
You have to create your custom form for such application
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 7:21am View
Have you seen such application before anywhere? As i haven't seen anything while searching, not even in google. May be i was searching in wrong direction
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 6:42am View
check the links provided. Did not find anything much but i think this will help you
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 6:04am View
Looking for that only
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 5:45am View
Thank you :)
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 5:44am View
Please elaborate. This one line question does not make any sense.
And one more thing, No Spoon Feeding Is Done Here.
Post what have you tried and then we will suggest you.
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 4:59am View
Post the sample code of how you enter the records in Gridview.
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 3:18am View
My 5... This is the easiest way to do instead of checking key at backend.
Aniket Yadav 11-Mar-12 1:42am View
Its a simple login form. But which is the part that you require explanation. Tell us that part and we will guide you.
As per my opinion,
Best method to understand the form working is to debug the code line by line.
It will help you to understand yourself. Then no need of us to explain you.
Aniket Yadav 10-Mar-12 1:49am View
What exactly you want to do? Will you please elaborate more?
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 8:10am View
Elaborate more or provide a sample code
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 8:09am View
Have you stored the serial number in the database?
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 3:33am View
Post your sample code...
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 1:54am View
Provide us the sample code of what you have tried.
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 1:25am View
Hello Rajkumar,
This question is so simple that you can find the answer on google.
Even if you search here in the codeproject articles you will get dozens of answers/replies.
Please have a habit to first search yourself and if you did'nt find anything then post your question here.
We are here to help your queries
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 1:18am View
Hello Mukund, Rashid is using windows application...
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 1:14am View
Hello SAKryukov, I appreciate your comment, but Mr. has not mentioned that he is using ASP.Net Application neither he has mentioned that he is using windows application. Also i have posted the Namespace for three application.
So i posted in general assuming it as the windows application. :)
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 0:50am View
No Spoon Feeding Here.
Tell Me What Have You tried?
And give the details what exactly you want to do.
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 0:32am View
Will you able to post the sample code here?
So that i can suggest you any modification in your code.
Aniket Yadav 9-Mar-12 0:12am View
Oh yes... Sorry... Actually i recognised it after submitting my comment...
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 8:12am View
Please accept the answer if it has helped you...
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 8:11am View
Yes it's possible.
This is what you have to check on the textbox_keypress() event.
When you press enter key then insert the records to grid and then clear the textboxes.
I think by this you will get an idea.
If any problem persists then please ask.
I will be here to solve it
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 8:05am View
What do you want to do exactly?
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 7:37am View
what error did you get? please post the code of what you have done.

And tell me one thing, is it a desktop application or web based?
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 7:15am View
In the textbox_Keypress event
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 6:41am View
Please post in a proper tag. Very difficult to understand
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 6:33am View
Please check that there is one cs file named Num2wrd.cs

Download this file

That is what this CS file do.

Have you checked it?

It returns the numeric value in words.

Please go through it thoroughly.
Aniket Yadav 7-Mar-12 4:19am View
Can You Post your VB Sample Code Here. If so then please.
I didn't get what you want to do
Aniket Yadav 5-Mar-12 7:41am View
try this
Aniket Yadav 4-Mar-12 0:54am View
There are just two types of parameters in SQL Server. 1. INPUT Parameters. 2. OUTPUT Parameters
Aniket Yadav 29-Feb-12 8:01am View
Please elaborate more as this one line question is not going to solve your problem.
What do you want to do here?
Aniket Yadav 29-Feb-12 8:00am View
Yes its an event... Please see the properties
Aniket Yadav 27-Feb-12 6:07am View
According to me Telerik Is Good. This is my personal opinion.
Aniket Yadav 27-Feb-12 5:13am View
I have posted two new links. have a look
Aniket Yadav 27-Feb-12 0:12am View
Thanks --SA
Am i missing any other thing... If yes then please let me know... It will be highly appreciated.
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 6:46am View
what is your question. elaborate little more
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 5:45am View
hope it might help you. If so then dont forget to accept the answer and vote it. Doing so will boost the confidence of problem solver like us here.
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 5:32am View
What is the error? Please elaborate.
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 5:16am View
have you looked at the links which is posted.
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 3:23am View
have you called the same popup on the master page and on client page?
If so then do it in master page. and if not then do it in both master and client page.
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 1:38am View
Please accept and vote the answer if it has helped you
Aniket Yadav 25-Feb-12 1:22am View
What is the value of integer j here.
The question is incomplete. Please elaborate more what you exactly want to do here.
Aniket Yadav 24-Feb-12 7:28am View
Ok Then Change the Backcolor of the textbox

txtTextBox.BackColor = Color.Red;

Try this
Aniket Yadav 24-Feb-12 7:27am View
Ok Then Change the Backcolor of the textbox

txtTextBox.BackColor = Color.Red;

Try this
Aniket Yadav 24-Feb-12 1:59am View
Will you please elaborate what you exactly planning to do?
Aniket Yadav 24-Feb-12 1:45am View
In due_date is time necessary or you required just the date?
Aniket Yadav 22-Feb-12 5:53am View
It was my pleasure. Thanks for you comment
Aniket Yadav 22-Feb-12 5:32am View
You must have received the source code also from the link which you have provided. If so then just debug the code. you will get the issue solved
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 23:41pm View
What is Your dynamic table? It is same as datatable created dynamically. Am i right? If i am right then fetch the data from the query to your dynamic table instead of datatable...
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 8:28am View
You are always welcome. It was my pleasure to help you.
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 7:43am View
SELECT LID, BuildNo, TID, Status, StarDate, EndDate, Sum(ExecutionTime) AS ExecutionTime
FROM tblTestersWorkStatus
Group BY LID, BuildNo, TID, Status, StarDate, EndDate

Try This
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 6:46am View
can't you execute the query directly without using the stored procedure?
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:54am View
Actually This Is Not The Error from the query, rather it is error from your code. The error has specified that 'System.Data.DataRowView' does not contain a property with the name 'LID'.
Please see to that.

Have you executed the Query in SQL Server or the database you are using... If no then please check it.
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:45am View
what are you trying to do.. please elaborate...
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:36am View
Infact You Have Made A Spelling mistake while binding asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Tester". Please check that while defining in datagrid, you write the correct field name same as database field name.
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:30am View
Have you tried my solution?
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:12am View
What Exactly You Want To Do Here? Will You Please Explain. Such Short Question Is Not Going To Help You. Be Little Descriptive. And Specify Your Requirement In Details
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:07am View
Can you post your sample code of what have you done.

So that i can figure it out.

Also tell me the database field names and their datatypes.
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 5:04am View
Will You Please Elaborate What You Exactly Want To Do Here?
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 1:52am View
My 5... Very Nice Article
Aniket Yadav 21-Feb-12 1:46am View
Elaborate Your Question... Unable to get what you exactly want to say
Aniket Yadav 19-Feb-12 23:37pm View
Ok. So have you checked the links? If not then have a look. They might give you an idea...
Aniket Yadav 19-Feb-12 6:45am View
Hey What kind of validations do you required. Each time you post a new question it is difficult to understand. Specify your question properly. So that others can understand and reply you more faster.
Aniket Yadav 19-Feb-12 6:21am View
The captcha image will change for every request. So downloading and then submitting again may not work. One option is to have a web browser control, load this webpage and fill out the form fields programatically and then wait for the user to enter captcha and then submit the form.
Aniket Yadav 19-Feb-12 5:15am View
Is it a window application Or ASP.Net Application? Please Specify
Aniket Yadav 19-Feb-12 5:07am View
can you tell me the database fields of the table you are using?
And also the table that you have linked with your dropdown box.
So that i can figure it out for you
Aniket Yadav 18-Feb-12 6:41am View
In the toolbar, there is Option named Project, Click On That And a dropdown window appears. See For YourProjectName Properties. Click That. Under that hood you will find the Build Option. Click That. And Change the Platform Target From Any CPU To x86.

This will solve your problem. Same Problem Occurred to me once and this solution solved my problem. try this
Aniket Yadav 18-Feb-12 6:22am View
What Exactly You Want To Do? I Am Unclear.
Aniket Yadav 14-Feb-12 5:30am View
Rahul Have provided You the right solution... you have to cast on of the data type
Aniket Yadav 14-Feb-12 4:07am View
Hope You Will Accept My Answer.. :-)
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 4:36am View
Thanks CRDave1988 ;-)
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 4:33am View
It's my pleasure. Even I have also developed An MDI Application using this link
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 4:23am View
Thanks for Downvoting
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 4:18am View
If it has helped you then accept the answer and Vote it.
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 1:15am View
How Many Labels do you have? Bcoz i think the error is due to the counter i.
Please debug the code line by line. It will show you the exact error. Do not press F5.
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 1:01am View
You Will Get The Value Directly.
fld.Name Itself will give you the field name and (fld.Name).Value will give its value in it. i.e. Y or N.
Also please chk that for each loop is important in this case.
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 0:03am View
What You Want To Do Here Exactly?
Aniket Yadav 13-Feb-12 0:01am View
Chk The Solution
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 7:53am View
You get the name same becoz of rs1.Fields(0).Value
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 7:49am View
The contents in the database table. Suppose you have a table name login, So their fields are username and password.
Thus these are the fields from the table.

Is this what you want in your label to be displayed?
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 7:29am View
Chk the solution, I have improved the solution
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 7:17am View
:-) It's my pleasure that i was helpful to you
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 7:10am View
Okay It was my typing mistake while using the counter. please refer the following code

MSHFlexGrid1.Rows = MSHFlexGrid1.Rows + 1
c = MSHFlexGrid1.Rows - 1 ''This will give you the last row which is blank and add data to it

MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(c, 0) = Trim(cboAccId.Text)
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(c, 1) = Trim(cboAccName.Text)
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(c, 2) = Trim(txtCost.Text)
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 6:58am View
will you post the whole routine so that i can check it? Bcoz i have checked the same thing on my side and its working fine. After checking that only i have posted the code on your side.
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 6:46am View
Does your column starts from 0? If yes then
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(count, 0) = Trim(cboAccId.Text)
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(count, 1) = Trim(cboAccName.Text)
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(count, 2) = Trim(txtCost.Text)
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 5:44am View
What Exactly You Want To Do Here? Can You Explain?
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 5:40am View
Try this
MSFlexGrid.Rows = MSFlexGrid.Rows + 1
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 5:10am View
increment the row by 1
MSFlexGrid.Rows = 1

After inserting the textbox data
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 4:11am View
MSHFlexGrid1.Rows = 1 ''Add Just 1 New Row And Try
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(0, 1) = "Acc_id "
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(0, 2) = "Acc_name"
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(0, 3) = "Cost(perunit)"

MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(0, 1) = Trim(cboAccId.Text)
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(0, 2) = Trim(cboAccName.Text)
MSHFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(0, 3) = Trim(txtCost.Text)
Aniket Yadav 12-Feb-12 0:21am View
Hello Abhinav,

Your solution is okay but there is one flaw in it.

If I set the count to 1 then for the 1st month, my DoId will be 2012scl002-DO. And if it continues then for the 12th Month the DoId will be 2012scl0013-DO
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 23:50pm View
private void cmbEmp_ID_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
if(cmbEmp_ID.SelectedIndex != -1) //Check For This First
string a = cmbEmp_ID.SelectedText.ToString(); // Try This
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 23:48pm View
In the dbgrid.TextMatrix(0,2): 0 is the 0th Row and 2 is the 2nd Column.
So if you have only one column then just do the following.
dbgrid.TextMatrix(0,1) = Trim(txtText1.Text)
dbgrid.TextMatrix(1,1) = Trim(txtText2.Text)
dbgrid.TextMatrix(2,1) = Trim(txtText3.Text) And So on

Hope This Will Solve Ur Problem
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 4:53am View
Your code seems ok to me but did not find the report path
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 4:53am View
This may be absurd but Did You Provide the report Path and logoninfo? to your report
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 4:46am View
Will You Please Provide A Sample Code
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 4:45am View
can you post a sample code of it? so that i can study and give a solution
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 4:20am View
Will you please tell me the structure of your grid
Aniket Yadav 11-Feb-12 4:07am View
Please provide ur sample code where the error is... so that we can find it out
Aniket Yadav 10-Feb-12 7:16am View
If It Has Helped You Then Accept The Answer
Aniket Yadav 10-Feb-12 5:43am View
Did not get what you exactly want... please elaborate a little. Or try to post ur sample code
Aniket Yadav 10-Feb-12 5:39am View
Accept The Answer If It Has Helped You. Doing So Will Boost The Confidence Of The Members Who Is Helping Others.
Aniket Yadav 10-Feb-12 2:43am View
The Above Solutions Provided By Khushwant And Rajesh Will Definitely Help You.

Thanks Both Of You For Ur Solution
Aniket Yadav 10-Feb-12 2:10am View
Where do you want the total to be displayed. i mean to say that whether in another textbox or in the grid itself
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 8:17am View
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 8:08am View
This Is What I Want... Thanks Richard
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 7:10am View
Mr Sanjay,
DownVoting my solutions is not going to benefit you.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 7:04am View
jai000 has provided u the right solution. Just refresh the combobox after binding the datasource
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 7:00am View
Yes I will keep it in mind... thanks for notifying
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 7:00am View
Yes I will keep it in mind... thanks for notifying
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 5:26am View
I have checked the above code and its working fine with me.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 5:22am View
Sorry That mDBHelper is the class file from my project.
here u have to load the datatable.
Just fetch the records from the database to the datatable.
And then bind the datatable to the datasource.

Hope this will help you.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 4:27am View
Ok Manfred. I Will See To It.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 4:16am View
Yes ZYCK Is Correct, Please Post Your Sample Code So That We Can Figure Out What And Where The Problem Lies.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 4:14am View
Hello Ariel Riyo,

I Can Understand That You Need Help From Us.

But This Is Not The Way To Post A Code.

This Kind Of Act Is Not Going To Help You.

So Use Proper Code Tagging Which Will Make The Code Readable.

Hope U Can Understand What I Mean To Say.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 1:27am View
What Exactly Does Local To Server Means?

Please Elaborate Little More
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 1:24am View
Do You Have Login Form For This?

If Yes Then Fetch The User Name In A String Variable.

And Then Display That Name.
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 1:08am View
Exactly... This Is The Better Practice Of Coding

Thanks GanesanSenthilvel
Aniket Yadav 8-Feb-12 0:31am View
Please Elaborate More Or Place A Sample Code. So That We Can Help You.
This One Sentence Question Is Not Going To Help You.
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 8:22am View
Nothing Is Impossible
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 8:20am View
Accept The Answer If It Has Helped You
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 8:17am View
Will You Please Elaborate Little More So That I Can Help You
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 8:13am View
It's My Pleasure That I am Helpful To You
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 8:11am View
Hello Sanjay,

I Think You Have Not Read The Question Properly Or Not Have Seen That This Question Was About The WinForm. And In Winform I Dont Think That Javascript Works.
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 7:11am View
I Am Agreed With Jonathan... Virus Can Attack Any File Extension
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 4:21am View
Are This Check boxes in the grid?
And How Do you want to save it in DB? In Y/N format Or True/False format?
Will you please elaborate a little?
Aniket Yadav 7-Feb-12 4:09am View
It Seems You Need To Calculate The Total Time Required To Load The Page?

Is It Right?
Aniket Yadav 6-Feb-12 5:11am View