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Emre Ataseven 8-Dec-14 10:54am View
Accept your answer to close thread.
Emre Ataseven 7-Dec-14 8:02am View
You should use DevExpress Support Center. They will immediately answer your question. (If you are not using cracked one, which I hope)
Emre Ataseven 6-Dec-14 15:12pm View
Question is not clear, you need to give more details.
Emre Ataseven 24-Nov-14 16:00pm View
I solved this problem and wrote an article about it, you can check it if you wish :)
Emre Ataseven 7-Nov-14 7:28am View
The compiler will not let you dereference a void* pointer because it does not know the size of the object pointed to, you need to typecast your pointer to the right type before you dereference it.
Emre Ataseven 14-Oct-14 15:44pm View
You can see the result of C method call in my edit if you wish :)
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 14:16pm View
I think I wont get a better result but I will try and share :)
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 14:09pm View
I wish I could have found a faster way but it was fun anyway:) Except operator is short and more readable but the slowest one. What do you think about implementing it in C and calling it extern in my C# code? do you think it may be faster?
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 13:53pm View
I added results.
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 13:17pm View
yes,stopwatch and restart for each try
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 12:04pm View
Well got it but i couldn't implement it. Thanks anyway.
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 10:41am View
What if the letter I search is in cut part?
Let me tell again, I am looking for if all letters of, for instance, "ASIA" is in "XZYABSTRIBA".
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 9:14am View
I will try it now
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 9:06am View
I can't test it because it fails if lenghts are not same, so it returns false always.
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 9:04am View
I gain minor improvement for my dataset
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 9:02am View
Yes 30% faster
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 9:00am View
Yes, Lenght of from >= Length of str. Maybe it increases speed, I'm trying now
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 8:39am View
I always like linq way but it doesn't work as expected.
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 8:26am View
Thank you for answer. I tested this method, I changed
var index = from.IndexOf(s[i]);
var index=Array.IndexOf(copy,s[i]);
Seems like 30 % faster than mine. I can accept this as an answer but want to wait little more if any better answer will be posted.
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 8:23am View
IsStringMadeOf("ABA","AB") is false too.
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 8:22am View
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 6:54am View
No, lengths must not be same
Emre Ataseven 13-Oct-14 4:05am View
It searches string in a string as block, my point is checking letters.
Emre Ataseven 14-Jun-14 19:39pm View
Do you want to return a value from form to caller class?
Emre Ataseven 10-Jun-14 15:03pm View
Search as "Fooling innocent people and bleeding them white model"
Emre Ataseven 7-Jun-14 11:21am View
how do you call your new method?
Emre Ataseven 7-Jun-14 11:19am View
change This to this then
Emre Ataseven 6-Jun-14 13:52pm View
Did you try anything really?
Emre Ataseven 5-Jun-14 5:16am View
Did you buy luxand?
Emre Ataseven 3-Jun-14 16:07pm View
What is this control?
Emre Ataseven 3-Jun-14 11:00am View
First loop is adding columns. Second loop is taking first elements of each column array and creates a new array with them. Then we are adding this array as listview item. Add this class to your project, then you can call it by listView1.FillListView. Assuming you have .Net 4.0 or higher.
Emre Ataseven 2-Jun-14 12:50pm View
why are u using regex? You can just check it with text.Contains
Emre Ataseven 25-May-14 7:45am View
It doesn't look like a good way whatever you're trying to do
Emre Ataseven 23-May-14 2:10am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Can you share the lib you use?
Emre Ataseven 22-May-14 1:09am View
And use what?
Emre Ataseven 20-May-14 17:29pm View
what is the type of dbEntity, Myname_TTL?
Emre Ataseven 20-May-14 2:54am View
Good analogy :)
Emre Ataseven 19-May-14 16:27pm View
good answer, deserves a 5
Emre Ataseven 19-May-14 16:22pm View
It is not even a question, you'd better improve it.
Emre Ataseven 19-May-14 3:40am View
column in a datatable? column type?
Emre Ataseven 18-May-14 15:07pm View
Wow I saw your code, you should immediately change this design and make the most of OO design, and don't use resx for this purpose, use a xml file and let program loads all information and creates all visuals dynamically.
Emre Ataseven 18-May-14 14:34pm View
Where are you loading from these data? From a server or a database or a file?
Emre Ataseven 18-May-14 12:41pm View
Encouraging to use cracked software is not an honourable manner.
Emre Ataseven 18-May-14 9:47am View
Never heard of wxWidgets before, thank you!
Emre Ataseven 17-May-14 16:18pm View
Emre Ataseven 17-May-14 15:55pm View
picturebox is not a container, try to use a panel, set background image of it, then add a label on it. But if your image is gif, this method fails.
Emre Ataseven 16-May-14 16:42pm View
seems like exactly same with my post :D
Emre Ataseven 16-May-14 8:12am View
What do you want to do with ascii of jpg? do u want to apply a special filter?
Emre Ataseven 15-May-14 11:06am View
You need to read something before asking it imo.
Emre Ataseven 14-May-14 13:28pm View
thank you :)
Emre Ataseven 14-May-14 6:00am View
"without storing and checking the previous output?" this part is bold and probably important.
Emre Ataseven 13-May-14 16:29pm View
Right, I did not see your comment :)
Emre Ataseven 12-May-14 10:28am View
why do you want to decrease normalization level of your database?
Emre Ataseven 12-May-14 6:23am View
Search state pattern.
Emre Ataseven 12-May-14 1:01am View
Java does not support multiple inheritance. Although protocols, or interfaces, provide some of the functionality of true multiple inheritance and it works for C# too.
Emre Ataseven 11-May-14 7:21am View
Tag is C#, so it can be alternative for someone
Emre Ataseven 11-May-14 6:15am View
I think he needs C++ code, not C#.
Emre Ataseven 11-May-14 5:21am View
You may call connect(remoteIP) with an iterator in else block
Emre Ataseven 11-May-14 4:06am View
Is it occuring in single click or double click?
Is it occuring when you click on anywhere or on any special control?
Emre Ataseven 11-May-14 3:26am View
A +5
Emre Ataseven 11-May-14 3:04am View
Question is not clear, and LINQ tag seems irrelevant.
Emre Ataseven 10-May-14 17:24pm View
It is not related with matrix operations.
Emre Ataseven 10-May-14 16:38pm View
Do you want to make a gui designer?
Emre Ataseven 10-May-14 15:54pm View
Sure, it is not a good way.
Emre Ataseven 10-May-14 9:33am View
Does it work?
Emre Ataseven 5-May-14 3:21am View
You're welcome
Emre Ataseven 4-May-14 10:23am View
IDs are not changed, right?
Emre Ataseven 3-May-14 11:03am View
So why is it virtual?
Emre Ataseven 1-May-14 19:33pm View
Updating answer.
Emre Ataseven 30-Apr-14 5:33am View
Emre Ataseven 27-Apr-14 6:10am View
Seems like it doesn't work just for 1 file.
Emre Ataseven 27-Apr-14 4:49am View
No elemination, each team will play each team one time. And we are trying to simulate this scenario, is it possible to know which team will win now? So we are increasing scores randomly. But you are persisting you can increase points constant.
Emre Ataseven 25-Apr-14 5:37am View
Uploaded or downloaded?
Emre Ataseven 24-Apr-14 16:42pm View
I need an algorithm, a method, a way to solve my problem, can you help me? Is it question now?
Emre Ataseven 24-Apr-14 16:37pm View
Yes, it works for first iteration. But for next iterations "Two teams are matched only one time." criterion disables this method.
Emre Ataseven 23-Apr-14 17:23pm View
Emre Ataseven 23-Apr-14 17:23pm View
Emre Ataseven 23-Apr-14 16:16pm View
You need to read a C# for beginners book before starting to write code, blind coding is not a good way to improve yourself.
Emre Ataseven 22-Apr-14 16:41pm View
You're welcome!
Emre Ataseven 22-Apr-14 16:20pm View
progressBar1.Value = 100 - ...

If you type "100 -" front of calculation, it goes from left to right.
Emre Ataseven 22-Apr-14 16:06pm View
Loop with just 2 iterations? Makes no sense.
Emre Ataseven 22-Apr-14 11:05am View
Emre Ataseven 21-Apr-14 10:51am View
5 for switch case. Provides readability and lower complexity. Average case complexity of array search O(logn) while switch jump O(1), if speed matters. And what if you decide to do different things if value is in set {56,78,56}, create another array? Switch-case rocks! :)
Emre Ataseven 21-Apr-14 10:35am View
First of all you need to type a statement which returns boolean value in Where clause. And your problem is not using linq actually, creating a dictionary list (each dictionary has just 1 value) makes no sense. If you tell us what you want to do, maybe we could help.
Emre Ataseven 21-Apr-14 10:10am View
I'm sure there is a better way to implement what you try to do, it seems spooky.
Emre Ataseven 20-Apr-14 14:01pm View
Is it rar?
Emre Ataseven 20-Apr-14 13:06pm View
Go to freelancer sites and hire someone to implement it.
Emre Ataseven 18-Apr-14 8:17am View
Reason for my vote of 2 \n We need something else that we can't find it in msdn documentation.
Emre Ataseven 18-Apr-14 1:00am View
Which part of your question is C#?
Emre Ataseven 17-Apr-14 14:24pm View
and u want to convert it back to original string?
Emre Ataseven 17-Apr-14 14:16pm View
Not feasible, simply change backcolor of richtextbox.
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 14:11pm View
The link you gave seems wrong addressed :)
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 11:08am View
Are forms same type? Do they have unique id or name?
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 6:58am View
Do you want to make second part 00?
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 6:47am View
And your design has some flaws;
You are creating your Form with EmployeeManager but don't need to do it in this condition, seems useless. You can really create this object in FormMain class, no need this constructor.
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 6:41am View
As Vedat said,we shouldn't use concrete objects as dependency. To ease things, I used FormMain as parameter to construct controller. We should do it like this for abstraction;

public partial class FormMain : Form, IView


Controller(IView view,...

public Interface IView
void SetController(Controller controller);

Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 6:22am View
You are welcome :)
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 1:24am View
You can create a folder in target's personal folder and install access file under it with install shield. And don't forget to modify your connection string.
Emre Ataseven 16-Apr-14 0:55am View
It is invoked in the constructor of controller

When you create your controller with form, created object is set as controller of form. And we don't need controller to able to create form but form for controller.
Emre Ataseven 15-Apr-14 16:23pm View
Do you want to move your server or what? Is it multi-user application?
Emre Ataseven 14-Apr-14 17:40pm View
You need to read a "C# for beginners" book before start coding.
Emre Ataseven 14-Apr-14 17:36pm View
+1 for Nshape
Emre Ataseven 11-Apr-14 6:09am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n No information about dragging a borderless window
Emre Ataseven 11-Apr-14 6:05am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Useless, no information about dragging
Emre Ataseven 10-Apr-14 7:04am View
Only the first virtual function in a class increases its size (compiler-dependent, but on most - if not all - it's like this). All subsequent methods do not. Non-virtual functions do not affect the class's size. This happens because a class instance doesn't hold pointers to methods themselves, but to a virtual function table, which is one per class.
Emre Ataseven 10-Apr-14 0:59am View
is it homework?
Emre Ataseven 9-Apr-14 16:20pm View
Do you want to save properties of all controls of form? Or just for those u talked about?
Emre Ataseven 9-Apr-14 13:48pm View
Using Google Translate? What do you mean?
Emre Ataseven 9-Apr-14 13:46pm View
Depends on your DB type, what is it?
Emre Ataseven 9-Apr-14 10:50am View
Just tell us what do you want to do with this snippet
Emre Ataseven 28-Jan-14 17:13pm View
There will be only 2 users nothing more. Isn't installing database server too much for this purpose? What about Ms Access? Could it be used as shared? Thank you.
Emre Ataseven 25-Jan-14 17:54pm View
Yep, I did and it worked, thank you!
Emre Ataseven 25-Jan-14 16:20pm View
Yes, I'm using absolute path and it works in Pc A, but it does not in Pc B (new-formatted pc that has .Net framework and SqlLocaLDB.MSI installed only)
Emre Ataseven 25-Jan-14 15:33pm View
But I'm using SQL Express localdb, so ur connection string is wrong, no?
Do I need to install ssms to other pc? Localdb does not use SQL Server Engine, right?
Emre Ataseven 1-Nov-13 16:05pm View
You are right, it is a better engine what i'm looking for, can you suggest any?
Emre Ataseven 19-Oct-13 8:40am View
Only 2 colors to seperate groups?
Emre Ataseven 19-Oct-13 8:31am View
<tk:datagridtextcolumn binding="{Binding StartDate, StringFormat=\{0:dd.MM.yy HH:mm:ss\}}">

Emre Ataseven 18-Oct-13 15:38pm View
Just OR is enough
Emre Ataseven 18-Oct-13 12:56pm View
Oh i get the point. Thank you.
Emre Ataseven 28-Sep-12 13:25pm View
I am already using Google API. The second link u gave me, i think it could light my way, but i can not figure out that code;

if($noAppCal) {

// I actually had to guess this method based on Google API's "magic" factory
$appCal = $gdataCal -> newListEntry();
// I only set the title, other options like color are available.
$appCal -> title = $gdataCal-> newTitle("App Calendar");

//This is the right URL to post to for new calendars...
//Notice that the user's info is nowhere in there
$own_cal = "";

//And here's the payoff.
//Use the insertEvent method, set the second optional var to the right URL
$gdataCal->insertEvent($appCal, $own_cal);