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Emre Ataseven 8-Dec-14 10:54am View    
Accept your answer to close thread.
Emre Ataseven 7-Dec-14 8:02am View    
You should use DevExpress Support Center. They will immediately answer your question. (If you are not using cracked one, which I hope)
Emre Ataseven 6-Dec-14 15:12pm View    
Question is not clear, you need to give more details.
Emre Ataseven 24-Nov-14 16:00pm View    
I solved this problem and wrote an article about it, you can check it if you wish :)
Emre Ataseven 7-Nov-14 7:28am View    
The compiler will not let you dereference a void* pointer because it does not know the size of the object pointed to, you need to typecast your pointer to the right type before you dereference it.