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Comments by Rene Bustos (Top 40 by date)

Rene Bustos 20-Jul-16 15:52pm View
Thank you very much Jignesh. that information helps me to find another way to do that!
Best regards.
Rene Bustos 20-Jul-16 15:45pm View
Thanks for your Help. Best Regards.
Rene Bustos 30-Dec-14 9:23am View
ohhh i understand Tahir. let me prepare a solution ..
best regards
Rene Bustos 29-Dec-14 16:54pm View
Its a good advice. about your replay. all the responses that help here, is ok.
Best Regards.
Rene Bustos 29-Dec-14 13:15pm View
Hi Tahir Mahmood

Well, the module as you describe is a little bit unsecure, not for third persons...i mean, for your own data integrity, if your data base crash, all yours Doc (saved on Database) will lose it.

its strongly recomended to keep the file in Disk, and when you need to show it...just linked it to the client.
Rene Bustos 29-Dec-14 13:01pm View
How do you pass the HttpContext to the BeginProcessRequest method? have you create a constructor of this?
Best regards.
Rene Bustos 29-Dec-14 12:26pm View
Hi.Atif Ur Rahman, i have a few questions:

The URl that you trying to yours?

Can you explain deeper how you fill first your Textbox, labels.. etc.etc...

i made the questions 'cause, if all here have a better information about your way,,, we can help you in the best way.

have you heard about itextSharp?

best regards
Rene Bustos 14-May-14 12:54pm View
Abhinav. I have already check the good ...but. im still have the question about how to access and Response a Pure Json ..without XML format.
Rene Bustos 14-May-14 12:50pm View
Thanks for the help. let me check the documentation.. Regards
Rene Bustos 22-Apr-13 10:56am View
Hi Luis..
it appear that the problem isn't in your .NEt App, Just check in your Web.config the encoding
If this is Set to UTF-8, if yes, then the problem is in the client side..
You Only have to notify to the developer to check the settings in the Web service (Delphi).
if After the changes ..still have the same problem, try to changeyour settings (Web.config) to ISO, and restart your IIS.
Regards from Mexico.
Rene Bustos 30-Jan-13 13:23pm View
in several Cases you need be sure that the Objects that you are creating in runtime.. these are created. this is a reference problem cause with the object called slideshowHolder. please check if that control is created when the JQ is trying to access to this control. regards-
Rene Bustos 24-Jan-13 14:53pm View
could be.
Thanks so much for the Help
i keep trying to find the answer
Regards from Mexico.
Rene Bustos 24-Jan-13 13:56pm View
i think yes.. i check the Specifications of SOAP and it appear is all fine.
but still throwme the error.
Rene Bustos 24-Jan-13 13:35pm View
Doesn't work :S.
i have try this ways..
Seding all the request XML:

<soap:envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
<wsauto xmlns="">


i store all the XML structure in a variable an i Put in the Ws Method like this.
IdCard, Poliza and Hash
But the WS Method needs tree arguments,, so i split in tree variables and i passed to the Ws Method Like this

But Still throw an error.
Rene Bustos 24-Jan-13 10:16am View
that sound good.. let me try that and i'll post the results. thanks
Rene Bustos 16-Nov-12 10:54am View
ok.. let me check that option. thanks Chistian
regards from Mexico
Rene Bustos 16-Nov-12 10:25am View
Thanks for Answer Christian Graus.
1)Yes, when i do right click an open woth PAINT, this open the image correct.
2)Yes, when i used this sintax bitmap.Save(saveLocation, Imaging.ImageFormat.bmp) , the image is saved in BMP format
3)well, in our company we have an application that was made in VB 6.0. this app has a lot of modules.. so.. is hard to migrate to .NET, that system has 8 years. and the Tablet only has a .NET SDK.
4)Yes it is, but i dont understand yet. how can i know if the image created is 8 bits , 16 bits 32, bits... because.. in the VB 6.0 app.. it appear that only supports 8 bits image in format BMP and WMF.

i trying to create a image in PNG format to.. because i need a background with transparency... for the signature.
Thanks in advance
Rene Bustos 29-Oct-12 14:20pm View
i dont understand why is stupid this one?
thanks for the help
regards from Mexico
Rene Bustos 1-Oct-12 11:54am View
it´s great to help you...but.. could you post tell us what is your lenguage .VBscript (ASp 3.0), PHP, VB.NET, C#..etc..etc. and which is you software for code... i mean... DreamWeaver, Visualstudio., notepad ++... with this information , i think we can help you in a best form.
Rene Bustos 20-Sep-12 16:55pm View
Thanks Wes Aday,
I read the article you sent me .. but could not find the answer, but it gave me an idea ... I had to download the VMWare 9.0 to make sure it was not my PC, and surprise ... this worked. Thanks for the help
regards from mexico
Rene Bustos 26-Aug-12 14:19pm View
Joan Murt, and nitin bhoyate.
Thanks a lot !!
I was late with the accepted solution because i like to check all the articles and apps that you sugggeste to me ... all solutions were nice. so in that case i must select the first answer. thank you guys. and sorry for my english.. im still learning . see you
Rene Bustos 22-Aug-12 10:21am View
yes.. i mean.. over the servers :D
Rene Bustos 22-Aug-12 10:16am View
Do you Know how can i set to a Reliable Connection?.
thanks in advance
Rene Bustos 31-Jul-12 1:05am View
Perfect Prafulla..
See you later and good job
regards from mexico
Can you ckeck this solution? :) regards!!
Rene Bustos 25-Jul-12 10:50am View
rosyBurmese, any news ?
or close this :D
Rene Bustos 2-Jul-12 16:21pm View
thanks Damith :D
Rene Bustos 24-Apr-12 17:33pm View
Thanks a lot Kschuler that way was easy, regards.
Rene Bustos 24-Apr-12 17:31pm View
seems that if there is here :). do not worry, let me and I will explain to you. the PDF has javascript functions and areas protected by javascript. is a form that the company developed for protection is an algorithm, I would love to post about the security method develop .. but we will not allow it.
greetings and thanks anyway.
Rene Bustos 10-Apr-12 16:51pm View
hi , just for Security reason in the company. Regards!
Rene Bustos 6-Dec-11 17:26pm View
there i post the code where i get the value for the params :D thanks
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 17:57pm View
have you created a COntrol in run-time. only for load the results?? i mean

dim dgrid As DataGridview???
then set the query results to a dgrid then toa textbox???
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 13:47pm View
Heino, Good and Bad News
Good News.. with your Function i can know exactly what number is not in the secuence, but the time is to long even more that my function, yor function still running so far: 21:34 minutes and seconds still running.
i saw in the data a number : 233454 and the next is 322993 and ther a lot of rows generated by this hole, but course i gonna give you an accepted solution
Best regards
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 13:43pm View
ok let me Check then Thanks Heino i'll be back as soon as possible with the results
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 13:12pm View
ok let me Check then Thanks Heino i'll be back as soon as possible with the results
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 12:00pm View
O.k i see, but if i want use SELECT numbers FROM TableNumbersToCompare instead declare @nums varchar(100) = '1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10'
Or how can i SET the result of a Query into @nums?
Regards :D
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 11:52am View
ready, im posted the code :D
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 11:52am View
i hope that
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 11:52am View
ready, im posted teh code :D
Rene Bustos 23-Nov-11 10:54am View
ok. thanks Ravi!
Rene Bustos 29-Jul-11 9:39am View
Manas. thanks for the answer. I hope stay in this site for a long time.

thanks i gona give you accepted solution, the links posted are very good.

see you later.From Mexico.

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