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The First Step towards Literacy

, 4 Sep 2013
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KidsZone - The First Step towards Literacy

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This article is an entry in our AppInnovation Contest. Articles in this sub-section are not required to be full articles so care should be taken when voting.
This article is of Windows 8 application for Intel® App Innovation Contest 2013.

Contest Credentials

  • Target Platform: Tablet
  • Category: Education
  • Overview of the application: In short, this application will help the Students, learners to learn about all educational syllabus in which they have interest in single app. In few rural areas there are no Schools, Colleges, No Teachers to teach students but students are interested to become educated so those students can learn through this app by their own with lots of fun because small tests, puzzles animated concepts included in app. No need of teachers & parents to teach them all Educational Concepts. So the country people get educated & increase the literacy rate.At Current situation, I am showing my First Step Towards Literacy through this Demo App. In Demo App included all study material for Kids & Primary Students so they can learn Alphabets, Numbers, Fruits, Mathematics concepts from this app. As soon as I will get the resource of Higher education study i will update my app. 
  • Intended uses for the Application:
    in this app each Student will be allocated with his own account to access information on app and store the results of tests those are organized in the app on cloud database so they can compete with other students of the world.
    • Nursery Kids: App for nursery Kids so they can learn All Alphabets, Days, Colors, Fruits, Animals like all things through these app. Help Nursery level students to learn those in interactive manner as a games, puzzles.
    • Primary Students: This App help Primary students to learn basic mathematical calculations, Languages to speak & write & understand stories & poems. 
    • Secondary & College Students: This app help secondary students at higher level with the help of small tests, puzzles on Maths Operator precedence concept, small scientific concepts and all. Will include small educational puzzles so as fun they can learn through app and clear their concepts. 
    • Engineering Graduate Students: this app help those as the teacher for them, because in many colleges no teachers to teach them so the students can learn all engineering concepts through this app. will add Periodic table to learn chemical students. Circuit mounting practical things for electrical engineering student so without any PCBs they can learn circuit mounting & take output. As well Compiler will be added for all programming languages in the app so IT Software engineers no need to install separate software & compile their code, they can learn & compile through this app too.
    • Medical Field Student: Many students can't afford to take admission for medical field but those are very interested to become aware of medical fields. So this app helps the students those are interested in medical fields and can learn pharmaceutical things, medical plants, Operation concepts, Animated things, tablet making so that anyone interested in medical field can learn about that.
  • Application Development approach: Proposed  application is best for tablet even app utilize all novel UI features of tablet and capability of Windows 8 OS platform The Metro UI App. In particular, for developing Windows 8 platform Modern UI apps we need .NET framework avail in Visual Studio 2012 and as I told you before added Animated practical concepts for that Used Blend to animate objects & make app more interactive to students so that they will not get bored to study.
  • Coding Languages and Frameworks: Core application code base will be developed using C# & VB language and core .NET framework libraries. In addition to this, to store record of students at Cloud for competition at global level going to use Microsoft Azure SDK with Microsoft SQL Server so all students data & their account get stored in SQL format on cloud so that large number of students can use & compete with each other at global level. 


This Education Category app is compatible for Windows 8 OS Platform targeted for the Lenovo®Thinkpad Tablet 2.  In the present scenario, it is seen that students like the education with lots of enjoyment otherwise they get bored in the class rooms & reading the books they need games to play. If we tried to make Education itself the game for students then Students get interested towards Education & surely student will learn with lots of interest. So I am coming with this idea.  In this regard I desired to develop such application for all types of students who are studying in different educational branches (viz. from Nursery Students to Post Graduate students).


Many students get bored by listening the name study. When their parents tel them to study they run from there to play games. So many students not become good in study. as well in some areas the students not get proper guidance to take their education so in Rural areas increasing illiteracy rate. So my Main intention is to make Education available to all areas with lots of interesting stuffs so everyone get interested to take education & educate everyone.
In Short "First Step Towards Literacy with lots of attracting things in education".


"Most of the students from these days prefers only to watch TV, listen songs or play video games without spending too much on study or reading books as it makes them bored , because they are enjoying more the entertainment than the intellectual effort. I am sure that all of you are agree with me."

So I am trying to make education system as an entertainment so that they can learn with lots of fun, they will not get bored while studying. This app will create interest among the all students towards Education that means automatically student feel the Education itself an Entertainment. App will help in education who do not take interest to read books as well as who will try to study in early age having no school knowledge. In addition to this app also help the students of engineering and medical field.    

In this connection, I would like to say that due to non-availability of resources of engineering & medical field, I am starting my app for Nursery & Primary students. Further, as soon as I will get the resources of higher studies I will be highly pleased to introduce my app with updates for higher education. I am very much sure that my app will be liked by everyone such as parents & teachers for their children for educational purpose because this app will surely increase the interest in students mind related to education which contain lots of entertainment.    

Kids Zone-The First Step towards Literacy

As Demo app I am starting for Nursery & Primary Students namely "KidsZone" is my first step towards Education System which makes Education System with full of Entertainment. An Entertaining educational app provides experience of lots of fun & enjoyment by learning practical animated concepts with the help of games & some funny tricks & all so no need of other entertainment, because this app will prove Education itself an Entertainment.  It provides a fun and challenging experience with many practical things, puzzles which will make Education as Entertainment i.e. things for Kids such as Alphabets, Numbers, Days they get remembered through some funny tricks, games those are provided in app, for school students with their respective subject as Science, Social Science & Mathematics, for Engineering Students as well for those went to medical field. 

First Step towards Literacy "KidsZone" on Lenovo® Thinkpad Tablet 2 


As mentioned in Overview, My main intention behind this app is that "Make Education itself an Entertainment System & available education to all areas of all countries so that literacy rate will get increased." You can say its my "First Step Towards Literacy & making Education System to Entertainment System".

How I found this idea? 

In Countries like India, many villages not have facilities of schools, colleges, teachers to teach students, as well many students don't like to study because of the these theoretical books because this make least interest among students. Hence many students get illiterate so there is increasing the Illiteracy rate of India & hence Poverty is increasing. As well you will be agree that Practical knowledge will create interest to study, also the clear the general concepts  in students mind rather than studying the whole theory books & in many Schools most focus is given on books & theory papers rather than practical things. So the some students by heart whole book, all concepts & put it those on paper & score well but at interview time they can't answer perfectly as they only read concepts they not cleared with concepts because of less practical knowledge so many topper engineers remains unemployed or work on less packages.

So I thought if one can change the view towards Education as Entertainment the students as well whole country will be beneficial. So I thought those can't take education from schools, also those not cleared with practical concepts they can learn from the apps targeted with Tablets So they can learn without the help of teachers, no need of schools they can learn using the app on tablets , also those don't like to read books Those become less interested in study can use this app surely it will create interest towards Education with lots of fun, enjoyment with interactive practical sessions, animations, quizzes & Educational games.

Using the code 

As the app for Windows 8 Platform you will find this app on Store as soon as possible. I will be using VB, C# language for coding and designing of application mostly done in XAML. I am also integrating power of innovative and leading features of Intel Ultra book  SDK such as Sensor API. The application is written in VB.NET, C#.NET and For best user experience UI I will try to use JS too and combine all pages code using WinRT Components because every page written in different language and create a single app and for implementing Physics related things I am using Physics API and for games purpose those will be present in app for entertain student.

This app not contain Major source code part as its only contain navigation between different pages and animation part as have to create education system interactive so not major code. Only little code will be of sensor part.


public Accelero()

_accelerometer = Accelerometer.GetDefault();
if (_accelerometer != null)
// Select a report interval that is both suitable for the purposes of the app and supported by the sensor.
// This value will be used later to activate the sensor.
uint minReportInterval = _accelerometer.MinimumReportInterval;
_desiredReportInterval = minReportInterval > 16 ? minReportInterval : 16;

// Set up a DispatchTimer
_dispatcherTimer = new DispatcherTimer();
_dispatcherTimer.Tick += DisplayCurrentReading;
_dispatcherTimer.Interval = new TimeSpan(0, 0, 0, 0, (int)_desiredReportInterval);
rootPage.NotifyUser("No accelerometer found", NotifyType.StatusMessage);


public Gyro()

_gyrometer = Gyrometer.GetDefault();
if (_gyrometer != null)
// Select a report interval that is both suitable for the purposes of the app and supported by the sensor.
// This value will be used later to activate the sensor.
uint minReportInterval = _gyrometer.MinimumReportInterval;
_desiredReportInterval = minReportInterval > 16 ? minReportInterval : 16;
rootPage.NotifyUser("No gyrometer found", NotifyType.StatusMessage);

///Event data that describes how this page was reached. The Parameter
/// property is typically used to configure the page.</param>
protected override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e)
ScenarioEnableButton.IsEnabled = true;
ScenarioDisableButton.IsEnabled = false;

/// Invoked immediately before the Page is unloaded and is no longer the current source of a parent Frame.

protected override void OnNavigatingFrom(NavigatingCancelEventArgs e)
if (ScenarioDisableButton.IsEnabled)
Window.Current.VisibilityChanged -= new WindowVisibilityChangedEventHandler(VisibilityChanged);
_gyrometer.ReadingChanged -= new TypedEventHandler<Gyrometer, GyrometerReadingChangedEventArgs>(ReadingChanged);

// Restore the default report interval to release resources while the sensor is not in use
_gyrometer.ReportInterval = 0;


/// This is the event handler for VisibilityChanged events. You would register for these notifications
/// if handling sensor data when the app is not visible could cause unintended actions in the app.

private void VisibilityChanged(object sender, VisibilityChangedEventArgs e)
if (ScenarioDisableButton.IsEnabled)
if (e.Visible)
// Re-enable sensor input (no need to restore the desired reportInterval... it is restored for us upon app resume)
_gyrometer.ReadingChanged += new TypedEventHandler<Gyrometer, GyrometerReadingChangedEventArgs>(ReadingChanged);
// Disable sensor input (no need to restore the default reportInterval... resources will be released upon app suspension)
_gyrometer.ReadingChanged -= new TypedEventHandler<Gyrometer, GyrometerReadingChangedEventArgs>(ReadingChanged);

async private void ReadingChanged(object sender, GyrometerReadingChangedEventArgs e)
await Dispatcher.RunAsync(CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, () =>
GyrometerReading reading = e.Reading;
ScenarioOutput_X.Text = String.Format("{0,5:0.00}", reading.AngularVelocityX);
ScenarioOutput_Y.Text = String.Format("{0,5:0.00}", reading.AngularVelocityY);
ScenarioOutput_Z.Text = String.Format("{0,5:0.00}", reading.AngularVelocityZ);


App as Entertainment

Because app contain many Entertaining things such as animations (which gives effect of watching cartoons) & practical implementations such as Circuit Mounting rather than using PCB you can use app & mount the circuit practically in app & measure output so it will give entertainment to students of engineering while learning rather than reading boring educational books.

App as Games

App contain many educational Puzzles, Games which will help students to learn many educational concepts as well to remember many helpful things so students can learn while playing those games and so they don't feel that they are studying they will get learned educational concepts automatically while playing games so need of extra pressure from parents & teachers to sit their students for study forcefully because of games included in app they get entertained lot so when they will free they can switch on the app & play games, via games they can study automatically.

App as Education

App included many puzzles, games so automatically the students get learned all educational concepts by their own. As well providing Practical implementations so students Educational concepts also get cleared so the Quizes related to study will be included in app so using those practical concept one can solve quiz & perform their study status So as this way this app will help all students in Education.

In Short, Because of Games, Puzzles, Quizzes, Animated Concepts & implementations the Education becomes entertainment and students will get learned automatically as soon as they will start the app.

Screenshots of App

Tip: All Images copyright to my apps. 

The Main Screen of Our first step 'KidsZone' towards Literacy

Learn English Alphabets with interactive UI so students can attract towards it

 Learn Maths Operator Precedence concept via this Educational Game

(Concept Image) Circuit Mounting with practical work on Tablet

(Concept Image)  Compiler & Interpreter inbuilt in the app so User can learn Programming in this app with lots of fun no  need other compiler

(Concept Image) Animated Operations demos practically for medical & nursing Students 


As its first step towards Literacy in Demo app I added Education System for Nursery & Primary students only because of non availability of higher education resources. As soon as I will get the resources of higher studies I will be highly pleased to introduce my app with updates for higher education.


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

About the Author

Aditya Rajendra Patil
Student Konkan Gyanpeeth College of Engineering
India India
I am the Engineering Student from Konkan Gyanpeeth College of Engineering, Karjat, As well I am the Microsoft Student partner from my college campus. I like to develop windows 8 & Windows Phone Apps. I am Microsoft techenthuz. I like to work on technology of Microsoft as well of Intel.

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