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Parallel Programming

Great Reads

by Nick Kopp
This article builds upon the earlier High Performance Queries: GPU vs. PLINQ vs. LINQ and ports this to also support OpenCL devices and adds benchmarking so you can easily compare performance.
by Omar Al Zabir
MemoryStreamMultiplexer is a MemoryStream like buffer manager where one thread can write and many threads can read from it simultaneously. It supports blocking reads, so that reader threads can call .Read() and wait for some data to be written. Handy for loading data in one thread that is consumed c
by Adnan Boz
Massively Parallel Random Nunber Generation using CUDA C, Thrust and C#
by Adnan Boz
On this blog post I’m diving deeper into Thrust usage scenarios with a simple implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation

Latest Articles

by PengHeProfessor
A high performance queue comparable to Boost lock free queue
by Alexander Golde
While Moores law is still intact, one can easily observe that there has been a plateau reached at the performance improvements due to an increase in GHz. Modern CPUs are still becoming faster with each generation, but not so much due to an increase in clock speed, but improvements in the area of p
by Hassan Mokdad
This is a small basic sample that shows you how to quickly set your multi-threaded environment using the new C# Task Factory.
by Hassan Mokdad
This article will show how to use the most important features of a background worker to load the balance of your code between different working threads. It will also demonstrate how to take progress events from the background worker and how to cancel a currently running thread.


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by PengHeProfessor on tip/trick "A High Performance Lock Free Ring...
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