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Parallel Programming

Great Reads

by Nick Kopp
This article builds upon the earlier High Performance Queries: GPU vs. PLINQ vs. LINQ and ports this to also support OpenCL devices and adds benchmarking so you can easily compare performance.
by Adnan Boz
Massively Parallel Random Nunber Generation using CUDA C, Thrust and C#
by Nick Kopp
Ultra high quality frequency domain image rotation on a GPU.
by Adnan Boz
On this blog post I’m diving deeper into Thrust usage scenarios with a simple implementation of Monte Carlo Simulation

Latest Articles

by Michael Chourdakis
Trigger all your cores from DOS
by Jake Drew
A Visual Studio 2013 demo project including the WebpageDownloader and LinkCrawler can be downloaded here. Introduction The US digital universe currently doubles in size approximately every three years [1].  In fact, Hewlett Packard estimates that by the end of this decade, the digital universe will
by SuperVessel
This article will teach users how to create a dedicated IPython + Notebook environment on cloud (SuperVessel cloud), in the most easy and free way. Users could try it at once !!
by Sean Ewington
The observer pattern In .NET 4 Microsoft introduced the IObserver and IObservable interfaces. These interfaces give you a generic way of providing push-based notification, which is also known as the observer pattern. The provider (IObservable) must implement a Subscribe method, which lets t


by Bharath K A on Article "Fast Compression unleashing the power...
by Bharath K A on Article "Fast Compression unleashing the power...
by Jake Drew on technical blog "Mining Webpages in Parallel"
by PapyRef on technical blog "Mining Webpages in Parallel"
by Jean-Philippe Encausse on article "Memory Stream Multiplexer–write and...

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