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by NuttingCDEF
VS2010 *was* painfully slow - now fixed!
by KenBeckett
Creating a CodeDOM for C#
by KenBeckett
Displaying a CodeDOM graphically using WPF
by tumbledDown2earth
A tool for Seeking, Sorting and Reporting in a morderately large DICOM repository

Latest Articles

by Mario Majčica
A technique to ship your snippets via a VSIX package
by Dave Kerr
Use QuickAccent to quickly copy accents and symbols to your clipboard. Also read the article to find out about the essentials when writing System Tray based applications
by Oleg Shilo
This article describes the CS-Script C# Intellisense plugin for Notepad++ (CSScriptNpp).
by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov
The Editor attribute applied to an enumeration type makes it editable in PropertyGrid. This is enough to make the Visual Studio Designer use the editor, without a need to write a Visual Studio add-on.


by Dave Kerr on article "QuickAccent - A Tool for Accents and ...
by Dave Kerr on article "QuickAccent - A Tool for Accents and ...
by Tom Brophy on article "QuickAccent - A Tool for Accents and ...
by Rajkumar Selvaraj on article "Lessons learned migrating to Visual...
by Marco Bertschi on article "A PowerShell Introduction"

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