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by Jürgen Bäurle
This article describes how to validate an HTML form on client and server-side in conjunction with the jQuery JavaScript library.
by Anoop Madhusudanan
Demonstrates how to use ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, EF and Knockout Js to build real time syncing UIs
by Taiseer Joudeh
A sample eLearning system API which follows best practices for building RESTful API using Microsoft technology stack
by Vitaly Tomilov
Simplest and quickest way to automatically bind array of image bytes to asp:Image object.

Latest Articles

by Pradip Koli
CMMI Process and Agile Methodology for Software Development - A practical approach with ASP.NET
by John Bhatt
I have used TinyMCE Rich TextBox in my application but in my web form i have mulitple mulitiline TextBox. what I want that Rich TextBox should be bind to only one text box not all TextBoxes
by Pola A. Edward
A detailed walk-through for configuring Forms Based Authentication FBA for Sharepoint, side by side with claims based authentication
by Shivprasad koirala
This article discusses the top 50 Most occurred AngularJS interview question with answers.


by Member 11432488 on article "MVC 5, Entity Framework 6 and Many to...
by Gaurav Kumar Arora on article "AngularJS MVC Repository"
by Gaurav Kumar Arora on article "AngularJS MVC Repository"
by Member 11349661 on tip/trick "Send Mail / Contact Form using...
by Member 11523061 on Article "Event Calendar for ASP.NET MVC...

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