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C / C++ Language

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by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
by Babu_Abdulsalam
A Simple Profiler for C++ apps on x64 platform
by peterchen
Full control over addins loaded into VS2002-2005 - for power users or addin developers
by Joel Ivory Johnson
The override that was not

Latest Articles

by Vidyasagar MSC
These days, i am in deep love with Microsoft’s F# language and Apple’s Swift language.F# on one side has picked the good parts from Functional languages like ML and oCaml + Imperative languages / Object-Oriented language like C#. Swift on… Continue reading →
by Marius Bancila
Experiences and recommendations from modernizing legacy C++ code using C++11/14
by john morrison leon
A lightweight library allowing diverse unit types, seamless implicit scaling between them and the ability to work efficiently with multiple factor-less base unit systems (e.g. MKS and cgs).
In color based object detection project, one can detect the color object. User need to change the trackbar values, As trackbar changes the value the color space filters with HSV. filtered image processed bounding rectangle. Bounding rectangle (MAX 2000 (RECT AREA) in project) detect the contourArea


by jediYL on technical blog "Functional Vs Imperative...
by Icebeat on technical blog "Functional Vs Imperative...
by KarstenK on article "Ten Fallacies of Good C Code"
by Amolpatil20989 on The ColorPicker WinForms Control Revisited
by llllskywalker on Article "HOWTO: Export C++ classes from a DLL"

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