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C / C++ Language

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by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
by Babu_Abdulsalam
A Simple Profiler for C++ apps on x64 platform
by peterchen
Full control over addins loaded into VS2002-2005 - for power users or addin developers
by Joel Ivory Johnson
The override that was not

Latest Articles

by araud
Did you ever want to know where most of the memory is consumed? Whether it leaks or just gets allocated too much. This home brew memory tracker is yet another bicycle that you will be able to tune for your needs.
by John Bandela
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by Md. Samiul Hoque
intros_ptree: A library that lets you populate your structure or class from xml file (or json or ini file) automatically, and vice versa
by Miroslav Fidler
Simple descend parser capable of evaluating mathematical expressions used to draw a graph of a function.

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Every developer wants to write good code – code they can be proud of....


by John Underhill on article "C++ in the modern world"
by koothkeeper on technical blog "Emulating C++17 Structured...
by Nelek on tip/trick "Cross-platfrom Visual Memory Tracker"
by Rahul Rajat Singh on article "C++ in the modern world"
by Rahul Rajat Singh on article "C++ in the modern world"

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