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by Sacha Barber
A look at common internal DSL techniques, with a mocking framework example
by shivamkalra
In this article, we will put together a program which will allow us to play Tic-Tac-Toe game against computer with laser light and webcam for vision.
by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describing how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content with perculiar phenomenon arising from such novel field that can be coined as 'AI-xenophobia' or 'Cyber-xenophobia' or 'Cyborg-xenophobia'?
by Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.

Latest Articles

by majid torfi
snapshot desktop application and tracking
by greggma
Demonstrates how to extend RX with fluent extensions using an synchronised, pausable and batch observable.
by Mr Rabhi
C# Facebook SDK
by greggma
Provides an alternative to an ObservableCollection that is less UI intensive

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With open source so pervasive, it’s surprising how little developers...


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