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by Sacha Barber
A look at common internal DSL techniques, with a mocking framework example
by shivamkalra
In this article, we will put together a program which will allow us to play Tic-Tac-Toe game against computer with laser light and webcam for vision.
by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describing how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content with perculiar phenomenon arising from such novel field that can be coined as 'AI-xenophobia' or 'Cyber-xenophobia' or 'Cyborg-xenophobia'?
by Marc Clifton
Review your project dependencies.

Latest Articles

by Mahsa Hassankashi
This article explains how to make data source for kendoTreeView, particularly it is designed for organization chart such as personals or documents which need nested query, after drag and drop one node to another one it will save it. Look at Demo
by Paul Maxan
This article will show how to close the Microsoft Dynamics GP Report Destination window using both a .NET Add-in library and a stand-alone Windows Forms application.
by CBadger
Dynamically check a value for Null value in an expression tree with an extension method
by Akhil Mittal
Diving in OOP (Day 6).My article of the series “Diving in OOP” will explain enum datatype in C#.

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