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by Sacha Barber
A look at common internal DSL techniques, with a mocking framework example
by shivamkalra
In this article, we will put together a program which will allow us to play Tic-Tac-Toe game against computer with laser light and webcam for vision.
by darkoman
A simple .NET control for GoogleMaps web services.
by Chesnokov Yuriy
The article describing how computers may be used in intelligent annotation of the audio, video or image media data content with perculiar phenomenon arising from such novel field that can be coined as 'AI-xenophobia' or 'Cyber-xenophobia' or 'Cyborg-xenophobia'?

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by munagalasantosh
Get all the array index where the sum equals or is greater than some x value
by CoffeeAndDonuts
The combination of C#, TypeScript, Knockout, and the mapping plug-in creates a problem. I need a tool to read my server-side C# classes and create client side TypeScript definitions
by CatchExAs
Emulate Human Mouse Input with Bezier Curves and Gaussian Distributions
by Prasanna Krishnaswamy
To clear some of the misconceptions about interfaces

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by Nick Alexeev on Article "Understand Lambda Expression in 3 min"
by msolovey on article "HotKey API.NET"
by stixoffire on Asynchronous method invocation
by stixoffire on Asynchronous method invocation
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