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Great Reads

by Jonathan de Halleux
A helper framework for generation of SQL queries in C++ and Lua
by Michael N. Haephrati
The DataTune system was one of the earliest data cleansing systems.
by Alexey
The alxBase classes for work with dbf files.
by Brad Kremer
A CRecordSet like interface for a SQLite database table.

Latest Articles

by Brad Joss
SQL CLR Functions for Zip Compression and Regular Expression evaluations
by John Atten
If you are new to SQLite, you may well run across one of the most confounding of its implementation details the moment you attempt to do some sort of bulk or batch processing of inserts or updates. What you will discover is that unless properly implemented, inserting or updating multiple records
by PIEBALDconsult
A stored procedure I use to find duplicate records in tables and views.
by Mika Wendelius
Some simple scenarios to calculate running totals in SQL Server.

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