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Great Reads

by Jonathan de Halleux
A helper framework for generation of SQL queries in C++ and Lua
by Michael N Haephrati (??????)
The DataTune system was one of the earliest data cleansing systems.
by Alexey
The alxBase classes for work with dbf files.
by Brad Kremer
A CRecordSet like interface for a SQLite database table.

Latest Articles

by Evgeny Bestfator
Sometimes for processing rowsets we need a cursor, but we may not use standard cursor, we can create our pseudo cursor with much more simple syntax...
by Shivangi_K
SQL injections and their prevention
by yuvalsol
Helper class to mitigate working with Dapper against SQL Server database
by Jörgen Andersson
A high performance extension for creating a DataTable from a Generic collection.

Research Library

DBAs and developers working with IBM DB2 often use IBM Data Studio....
Toad for IBM DB2 is a powerful tool for the database administrator. But...
Learn from Dell Senior Product Manager John Pocknell as he presents...
Toad for Oracle is the database management tool of choice for both...


by Michael S. Post on tip/trick "SQL cursor without using real cursor"
by King Fisher on article "SQL Server: Query to find upcoming...
by King Fisher on tip/trick "SQL Injections and their Prevention"
by Pratik Bhuva on article "11 Important Database designing rules...
by aminghaderi on tip/trick "Code First Migration in Multiple...

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