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.NET Framework

Great Reads

by Rudi Breedenraedt
The ultimate Unit and Amount classes for your business and physics applications!
by Dmitri Nеstеruk
Let's create a simple project estimation DSL using F#!
by Przemyslaw Celej
A full description of signatures, that are part of the .NET file format.
by Dark Daskin
Article describes how to build an assembly that exposes functions to unmanaged code without C++/CLI

Latest Articles

by Robert Ellis
A methodology for the rapid implementation of a Windows Service with Pause/Continue functionality, using single or multiple System.Net.Timer-based worker processes and Apache log4net logging
by Gordon W Beeming
So yesterday I posted Pushing a new project to Chocolatey and I said I would create another post showing how to configure how the Chocolatey install runs and this is that post .
by Nirosh
This tutorial is designed for .NET programmers who need to understand ‘Nido’ framework and its application.
by Bob L.
This is a simple VB.NET class that encapsulates the sending of e-mail messages via SMTP.


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