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by Abhijit Jana
When can we use HttpContext.Current.Items to stores data in ASP.NET?
by Clayton Rumley
An easy-to-use class that allows us to create PHP classes whose methods are automatically exposed in client-side JavaScript.
by Rion Williams
This post will cover how to create a simple “cookie-aware” WebClient class that will authenticate and persist this authentication for the duration of the WebClient to allow access to secure areas of your MVC Application without the need for re-authenticating for each request.
by Sacha Barber
The other day I have a requirement to schedule something in my app to run at certain times, and at fixed intervals there after. Typically I would just solve this using either a simple Timer, or turn to my friend Reactive Extensions by way of Observable.Timer(..). Thing is I decided to have a quick l

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by Ali_Khalili
Module based architect in TypeScript
by Keyhole Software
Egon: Don’t cross the streams. Peter: Why? Egon: It would be bad. – Ghostbusters (1984) In this post I’ll touch on the emergence of JavaScript reactive streams. We’ll look at a cool online interactive tool that is useful for checking behavior of stream operators. I’ll finish by showing s
by Steve Naidamast
ASP.NET WebForms… Redux
by Chris Boss
This series of articles is about getting started in using the PowerBasic Windows native code compiler.


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