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by Clayton Rumley
An easy-to-use class that allows us to create PHP classes whose methods are automatically exposed in client-side JavaScript.
by Abhijit Jana
When can we use HttpContext.Current.Items to stores data in ASP.NET?
by rajjiv5287
Basic understanding about JavaScript object
by Rion Williams
This post will cover how to create a simple “cookie-aware” WebClient class that will authenticate and persist this authentication for the duration of the WebClient to allow access to secure areas of your MVC Application without the need for re-authenticating for each request.

Latest Articles

by Imran Abdul Ghani
What is Bootstrap? Bootstrap is a well known and one of the most used collections of tools for web application that simplifies creating websites through it’s incredible built-in languages like Cascading Style Sheet (CSS),  HyperText Markup Language(HTML) as well as some optional JavaScript ext
by Imran Abdul Ghani
ASP.NET MVC provides us the basic Authorization and Authentication functionalities when we use the Project template as Internet. It does all the major functionalities such as Role membership management, Login credential validation handling etc. For more information about basic authorization in MVC a
by Imran Abdul Ghani
A security requirement on internet is one of the prime needs now a day. There are millions of user active on social networking sites as well as there are also some businesses like banks and insurance companies which have continuously a security risk of data theft. A secure platform is needed which s
by Duke Of Haren
Bootstrapper for Project Euler in ASP.NET


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by Imran Abdul Ghani on technical blog "How to Customize Profile Info...
by Rahman Mahmoodi on technical blog "How to Customize Profile Info...
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