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Great Reads

by Uwe Keim
Simple Perl Script that uses a local MS-Access database to store modification dates of files and uploads modified files to a FTP-Server
by Khürt Williams
The basics of Object Oriented Programming in Perl.
by daluu
Covers how to automate web activity that involves Java applets or Flash content making HTTP requests as well as standard web automation
by Uwe Keim
Tiny little Perl library to retrieve an arbitrary URL as a string.

Latest Articles

by Carlos Luis
Simulate user interaction in console apps with perl
by Kevin Schaefer
Quickly summarize the secure log file on Linux systems to easily see who is trying to ssh to the server
by Chief Endian
Removing Text Within Parentheses
by Chief Endian
This is one of the most useful tricks I have used in terms of SCM controlling of a CVS repository, so listen closely.CVS is a great tool, and a horrible tool all in once Open Source package. It can do a lot, but often it can do too much as well. In order to stand a chance of having a well controll


by Danelkits on Perl Guestbook
by Margarita01 on Code Project Forums In Perl
by daluu on Web/HTTP Automation with Perl
by Member 10577287 on Web/HTTP Automation with Perl
by tusharvaja on Perl Object Oriented Programming

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