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Shell programming

Great Reads

by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.
by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using owner-drawn menus in a context menu shell extensions, and on making a context menu extension that responds to a right-click in a directory background.
by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that provides custom drag and drop functionality.
by Stephane Rodriguez.
This article demonstrates how to automate IE's Save As functionality

Latest Articles

by max komlev
Example of WebBrowser customization and http/https server on localhost as engine for cross-platform application based on web technologies.
by Vladimir Misovsky
Overriding CMFCShellTreeCtrl and CMFCShellListCtrl classes
by Gaurav Kumar Arora
History: In our previous posts we learned ‘What is S.O.L.I.D. Programing Principles’ and a detailed explanation with code of Single Responsibility Principle and Open/closed Principle. S.O.L.I.D. is an acronym introduced by Michael Feathers as: S for SRP: Single responsibility principle O
by minor_28
Web Control - Google Maps.

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