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Testing and Quality Assurance

This section contains articles on Testing and Quality Assurance

Great Reads

by Jonathan de Halleux, Nikolai Tillmann
Pex is a new tool that helps in understanding the behavior of .NET code, debugging issues, and in creating a test suite that covers all corner cases -- fully automatically.
by mkalos
Learn how to configure Team Foundation Server for automated web deployment.
by srikantsahu
This is a simple application developed using C# MVC and jquery for basic CRUD operations. The application can be unit tested using selenium web drivers.
by Member 9913858
An introduction to using FakeModel to create test aata for you.

Latest Articles

by mrcellux
I've never paid much attention on what mocking framework I use. I've used EasyMock and JMock, I observed no big difference between the two really. Recently I started to change some existing JMock unit tests to use Mockito instead. It seemed to have a more elegant interface, and it turned out this ha
by Paul M Watt
Code reviews seem to be the bane of many developers. Very few developers that I know like to participate in code reviews. Once they do participate, the criticisms about the code are superficial. Some examples are criticizing the lack of comments, violations to the naming conventions in the guideline
by Paul M Watt
The Devil's Advocate is often an effective role that can help uncover logical weaknesses for a point of view. For those that are unfamiliar with this term, the Devil's Advocate takes a position that they do not necessarily agree with for the sake of debate. I usually do it to learn more about the to
by Gautham Prabhu K
A quick look into Selenium which allows us to automate testing of web pages.


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