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by Jani Giannoudis
Enhanced web page validation based on multiple rules at client and server side.
by Colin Angus Mackay
Xander.PasswordValidator is an assembly (or two) that assists in validatating passwords in .NET applications.
by Eduardo Antonio Cecilio Fernandes
How to fix date validation for non-US date when using Chrome
by adityaswami89
Article on Validation in XAML applications with Fluent technique

Latest Articles

by 1sumitanand
AutoComplete Textbox with Validations
by Sacha Barber
I don’t know about you lot but I work with XML files a bit, but I don’t have to mess around with XSD (xml schema) files that often. And it seems like every time I do I forget what I did last time. To this end I thought I would write this up somewhere, so […]
by Tony Jen
Custom validation in AngularJS using custom directives
Discuss three ways displaying error messages using Angular

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