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GeneralHandling Sort and Filter Events in Excel (Navneet Gupta) Pin
Ilka Guigova9-Jul-12 10:31
memberIlka Guigova9-Jul-12 10:31 
GeneralHelp with excel automation addin Pin
Ilka Guigova9-Jul-12 10:31
memberIlka Guigova9-Jul-12 10:31 
GeneralHRESULT Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:19
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:19 
GeneralA lot of HRESULT codes... Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:19
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:19 
GeneralHow to: Map HRESULTs and Exceptions Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:20
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:20 
GeneralUsing unmanaged DLL in your .NET assembly Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:27
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:27 
GeneralWebExceptionStatus Enumeration Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:57
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:57 
GeneralCustomize the Right Click Menu Pin
Ilka Guigova18-Jun-12 7:03
memberIlka Guigova18-Jun-12 7:03 
GeneralRuntime.Exec for '' files Pin
Ilka Guigova22-Jun-12 7:44
memberIlka Guigova22-Jun-12 7:44 
GeneralHow to pass arguments to an offline ClickOnce application Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jul-12 11:12
memberIlka Guigova26-Jul-12 11:12 
GeneralHow to add new items to right-click event on Folders and Files in Windows? Pin
Ilka Guigova22-Jun-12 8:56
memberIlka Guigova22-Jun-12 8:56 
GeneralFile Assocation Access to the registry key 'HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\' is denied Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:07
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:07 
GeneralA sample implementation Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:09
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:09 
GeneralMastering IIS Pin
Ilka Guigova16-Jun-12 8:01
memberIlka Guigova16-Jun-12 8:01 
GeneralC# - Proper use of the IDisposable interface Pin
Ilka Guigova24-May-12 10:42
memberIlka Guigova24-May-12 10:42 
GeneralMonitoring CURL Traffic Pin
Ilka Guigova12-Apr-12 8:26
memberIlka Guigova12-Apr-12 8:26 
GeneralHTTP Statuses Pin
Ilka Guigova7-Apr-12 7:49
memberIlka Guigova7-Apr-12 7:49 
GeneralC# – How to determine processor 64 bit or 32 bit? Pin
Ilka Guigova5-Apr-12 8:35
memberIlka Guigova5-Apr-12 8:35 
GeneralHow the Clipboard Works, Part 1 Pin
Ilka Guigova23-Mar-12 11:58
memberIlka Guigova23-Mar-12 11:58 
GeneralAsynchronous Upload of Large File Using HttpWebRequest in C#.Net Pin
Ilka Guigova9-Mar-12 14:11
memberIlka Guigova9-Mar-12 14:11 
GeneralRe: Asynchronous Upload of Large File Using HttpWebRequest in C#.Net Pin
Ilka Guigova9-Mar-12 14:29
memberIlka Guigova9-Mar-12 14:29 
General.NET String to byte Array C# Pin
Ilka Guigova8-Mar-12 13:36
memberIlka Guigova8-Mar-12 13:36 
GeneralList(Of T) to string Pin
Ilka Guigova1-Mar-12 10:56
memberIlka Guigova1-Mar-12 10:56 
GeneralWeb-Drawing Throwdown: Paper.js Vs. Processing.js Vs. Raphael Pin
Ilka Guigova29-Feb-12 7:16
memberIlka Guigova29-Feb-12 7:16 
GeneralThe "2,000 line Page_Load method" Pin
Ilka Guigova17-Feb-12 8:01
memberIlka Guigova17-Feb-12 8:01 
GeneralRunning or debugging NUnit tests from Visual Studio without any extensions Pin
Ilka Guigova8-Feb-12 12:52
memberIlka Guigova8-Feb-12 12:52 
GeneralCommon Crawl on AWS Public Data Sets Pin
Ilka Guigova2-Feb-12 18:30
memberIlka Guigova2-Feb-12 18:30 
GeneralConceptScript 101 Pin
Ilka Guigova14-Jan-12 17:29
memberIlka Guigova14-Jan-12 17:29 
GeneralTSQL Regular Expression Workbench Pin
Ilka Guigova11-Nov-11 12:38
memberIlka Guigova11-Nov-11 12:38 
General[Awesome] Original Hover Effects with CSS3 Pin
Ilka Guigova8-Nov-11 6:54
memberIlka Guigova8-Nov-11 6:54 
GeneralCSS Background: There’s More To Know Than You Think Pin
Ilka Guigova8-Nov-11 6:57
memberIlka Guigova8-Nov-11 6:57 
GeneralRe: [Awesome] Original Hover Effects with CSS3 Pin
Ilka Guigova14-Jan-12 14:51
memberIlka Guigova14-Jan-12 14:51 
GeneralBehind the scenes of 'Lights' Pin
Ilka Guigova14-Jan-12 17:38
memberIlka Guigova14-Jan-12 17:38 
GeneralFreebie: Free Vector Web Icons (91 Icons) Pin
Ilka Guigova29-Jan-12 16:25
memberIlka Guigova29-Jan-12 16:25 
GeneralRe: [Awesome] Original Hover Effects with CSS3 Pin
Ilka Guigova19-Mar-12 11:21
memberIlka Guigova19-Mar-12 11:21 
GeneralPure CSS Tool Tips Revisited Pin
Ilka Guigova13-Apr-12 11:09
memberIlka Guigova13-Apr-12 11:09 
GeneralDecoupling HTML From CSS Pin
Ilka Guigova23-Apr-12 6:33
memberIlka Guigova23-Apr-12 6:33 
GeneralPowerful New CSS- and JavaScript Techniques Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 10:59
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 10:59 
General350 Pixel Perfect Icons Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 11:00
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 11:00 
GeneralMagnifying glass for image zoom using Jquery and CSS3 Pin
Ilka Guigova24-Jul-12 10:10
memberIlka Guigova24-Jul-12 10:10 
GeneralHow to Create an Interactive Graph using CSS3 & jQuery Source: Pin
Ilka Guigova28-Aug-12 10:52
memberIlka Guigova28-Aug-12 10:52 
GeneralBook Effect Pin
Ilka Guigova23-Jan-13 10:01
memberIlka Guigova23-Jan-13 10:01 
GeneralHow To Change compare merge tool in TFS? Pin
Ilka Guigova7-Nov-11 10:15
memberIlka Guigova7-Nov-11 10:15 
GeneralGetDeploymentDescription() Pin
Ilka Guigova3-Nov-11 13:42
memberIlka Guigova3-Nov-11 13:42 
GeneralRemoving Event Handlers Using Reflection Pin
Ilka Guigova3-Nov-11 7:42
memberIlka Guigova3-Nov-11 7:42 
GeneralLogos. No images. No JS. Just CSS Pin
Ilka Guigova31-Oct-11 10:07
memberIlka Guigova31-Oct-11 10:07 
GeneralOperating System Version Info Pin
Ilka Guigova24-Oct-11 8:25
memberIlka Guigova24-Oct-11 8:25 
GeneralSet a .NET 4.0 Application to auto-start upon login Pin
Ilka Guigova16-Oct-11 16:50
memberIlka Guigova16-Oct-11 16:50 
GeneralA sample implementation Pin
Ilka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:13
memberIlka Guigova26-Jun-12 7:13 
GeneralExtended ExtJS HtmlEditor to handle paste from MS Word and table manipulations Pin
Ilka Guigova6-Sep-11 9:49
memberIlka Guigova6-Sep-11 9:49 

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