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I use 2010 and have a gadagrid with a tablestyle on it.
when I write value 0 in the grid, it reffer it as null. I need it to be 0.
Here is the code to create the datagridtextboxcolumn:
   Function BuildTableStyle(ByVal tsTableStyle As DataGridTableStyle, _
    ByVal clColumn As DataGridTextBoxColumn, ByVal stMappingName As String, _
    ByVal stHeader As String, ByVal dWidth As Double, ByVal stNullText As String, _
    ByVal blnReadOnly As Boolean, ByVal stFormat As String, ByVal stFormName As String, _
    ByVal dgDataGrid As DataGrid) As DataGridTextBoxColumn
            With clColumn
                .MappingName = stMappingName
                If stDataBaseType = "ORA" Then
                    .HeaderText = DecodeHeb(clsDBORA.GetDynamicHeaders(strConnection, _
                    stFormName, stHeader, stLanguageId, dgDataGrid.Name))
                ElseIf stDataBaseType = "SQL" Then
                    .HeaderText = clsDBSQL.GetDynamicHeaders(strConnection, stFormName, _
                    stHeader, stLanguageId, dgDataGrid.Name)
                End If
                .Width = dWidth * dWidthChange
                .NullText = stNullText
                .ReadOnly = blnReadOnly
                .Format = stFormat
                If blnReadOnly = True Then
                    .TextBox.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.White
                End If
            End With
            AddHandler clColumn.TextBox.KeyUp, AddressOf HandleKeyUp
            AddHandler clColumn.TextBox.KeyDown, AddressOf HandleKeyDown
            Return clColumn
        Catch ex As Exception
            Return clColumn
        End Try
    End Function
and here is the code that call this function:
   Private Sub FillQueryParameters(ByRef dsQueryParameters As DataSet)
            dgParameters.HeaderFont = New System.Drawing.Font("Arial", 15.0F, _
            System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold, System.Drawing.GraphicsUnit.Point, _
            Dim tsParameters As New DataGridTableStyle
            stDataSetTable = dsQueryParameters.Tables.Item _
            tsParameters.MappingName = stDataSetTable
            Dim clRepParam As New DataGridTextBoxColumn
            clRepParam = BuildTableStyle(tsParameters, clRepParam, "rep_param_no", _
            "clRepParam", 0, "", True, "#0", Me.Name, dgParameters)
            Dim clScreenParam As New DataGridTextBoxColumn
            clScreenParam = BuildTableStyle(tsParameters, clScreenParam, _
            "screen_param_no", "clScreenParam", 30, "", True, "#0", Me.Name, dgParameters)
            Dim clParamName As New DataGridTextBoxColumn
            clParamName = BuildTableStyle(tsParameters, clParamName, "param_name", _
            "clParamName", 150, "", True, "", Me.Name, dgParameters)
            Dim clParamType As New DataGridTextBoxColumn
            clParamType = BuildTableStyle(tsParameters, clParamType, "param_type", _
            "clParamType", 150, "", True, "", Me.Name, dgParameters)
            Dim clParamValue As New DataGridTextBoxColumn
            clParamValue = BuildTableStyle(tsParameters, clParamValue, "param_value", _
            "clParamValue", 100, 0, False, "#0", Me.Name, dgParameters)
            Dim clParameterName As New DataGridTextBoxColumn
            clParameterName = BuildTableStyle(tsParameters, clParameterName, "parameter_name", _
            "clParameterName", 0, "", False, "", Me.Name, dgParameters)
            dgParameters.SetDataBinding(dsQueryParameters, "rep_param")
            Dim cmCurrencyManager As CurrencyManager = DirectCast(Me.BindingContext _
            (dgParameters.DataSource, dgParameters.DataMember), CurrencyManager)
            DirectCast(cmCurrencyManager.List, DataView).AllowNew = False
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub
Can anyone help please?
Thank you
Posted 22-Sep-12 6:04am
Edited 22-Sep-12 10:31am

1 solution

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Solution 1

Looks like OP resolved it by himself. Posting this just to pop it out of unanswered list.

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