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Hope you are fine. I am facing an issue in MDX Query. I have a custom MDX query, When I run the query I am getting results too. Now my requirement is to show the dimension names in the query result, So that I can get those header names in the cell set itself. Please see the below image.[^]

In this image I need to show 'Fiscal Year' and 'Fiscal Quarter' in that highlighted area. Is there any custom query for this? Please share me any sample if you have such a one. Thanks a lot in advance.

Kindest Regards
Sibeesh Venu[^]

1 solution

Please try like this:
       MEMBER [Measures].[Fiscal Year] AS [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Year].CURRENTMEMBER.MEMBER_CAPTION
       MEMBER [Measures].[Fiscal Quarter] AS [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Quarter].CURRENTMEMBER.MEMBER_CAPTION

                        [Measures].[Fiscal Year]
                        ,[Measures].[Fiscal Quarter]
                        ,[Measures].[Net Sales]
					 { [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Year].[ALL].CHILDREN }
					,{ [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Quarter].[ALL].CHILDREN }
                                        // add any other info you might have

			   ) ON ROWS

FROM [Your Cube]
//         (
//             [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Year].&[FY15]
//         )


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Sibeesh Passion 30-Oct-15 1:16am    
Thanks a lot for your reply, But when I run the given query, it throws an error as "Query (14, 8) The dimension '[Dim Data Period]' was not found in the cube when the string, [Dim Data Period].[Fiscal Year].[ALL], was parsed."
Kuthuparakkal 30-Oct-15 8:51am    
[Dim Data Period] may not be your dim name - change it (commonsense !? )
Sibeesh Passion 30-Oct-15 9:00am    
OMG, I got it. Sorry, will check the query with the updated information and let you know. Thank you
Kuthuparakkal 30-Oct-15 15:47pm    
If it worked, mark as answer!

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