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Hello, im using SQL server management for my database and Visual studio 2010,i need help in filtering data. i want to filter row and put it in a textbox and filter another row in another text box vb.
ID--------- Date -------- msg_num ------------ Message <<<column name="">10001 -- 01/01/2012 ------ msg1 ------------- Blah! Blah!
10002 -- 01/01/2012 ------ msg2 ------------- Please Help!
10003 -- 01/01/2012 ------ msg3 ------------- happy happy
10004 -- 01/01/2012 ------ msg4 ------------- i don't know
10005 -- 01/01/2012 ------ msg3 ------------- xxxxxxxxx
10006 -- 01/02/2012 ------ msg1 ------------- dasdasdad
10007 -- 01/02/2012 ------ msg2 ------------- qqqqqqqqqqq
10008 -- 01/02/2012 ------ msg3 ------------- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
10009 -- 01/02/2012 ------ msg4 ------------- yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
10010 -- 01/02/2012 ------ msg3 ------------- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

first i want to filter the date 01/01/2012
then filter 10004 and put it in Textbox1,
filter 10002 put it in Textbox2,
and filter 10005 to Textbox3

Textbox1.text = "i don't know"
Textbox2.text = "Please Help!"
Textbox3.text = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

*Message its not fix its changable...
Updated 16-Mar-12 7:16am

1 solution

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Solution 1

Where the data is stored, is not given in the question
If the data is in a DataTable and the format of ID, Date, msg etc. is string then the following code can be used to do the task mentioned in the question
'Dim MessageTable as DataTable
'Data is filled in the DataTable elsewhere in the program

Public Function GetMessage(ByVal FilterDate as String, ByVal FilterID as String) as String
    Dim FilteredRows as DataRow()
    FilteredRows = MessageTable.Select("Date='" & FilterDate & "' and ID='" & FilterID & "'")
    If FilteredRows.Length > 0 then
        Return FilteredRows(0).Item("Message")
        Return ""
    End if
End Function
'Then to assign the text to TextBox

TextBox1.Text = GetMessage("01/01/2012","10004")
TextBox2.Text = GetMessage("01/01/2012","10002")
TextBox3.Text = GetMessage("01/01/2012","10005")
rayskull04 16-Mar-12 12:57pm
im using SQL sever management studio for my database...
i tried to run the program and recieved an error of "OBJECT \REFERENCE NOT SET TO AN INSTANT OF AN OBJECT"
ProEnggSoft 16-Mar-12 13:52pm
Please see this article
to fill the DataTables, then you can use the above function to filter the data

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