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Hello all,

I am subscribed to an Online magazine. The arrangement however is far from satisfactory... Each time I want to read my magazine, I need to log on and select the issue, then go to the page I want to read...

This is not good! What if I am on a plane flying somewhere with no Internet connection?

Instead, I would love to be able to download the whole magazine to my Tablet, and read it, maybe in a PDF file format...

Any idea on how I can programatically achieve this? I only understand C++ / MFC but if someone has a C# with some hints, I will appreciate it.

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Updated 13-Nov-12 1:14am

Why don't you simply "print" the page while viewing it? You can install a pdf printer and print every page you want to a pdf file. There are also a lot of programs you can use to get the page content. These programs also let you specify username/password for sites that need it. I remember teleport pro was such a program. Check it out.

Good luck!
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fjdiewornncalwe 13-Nov-12 10:27am    
+5. Nice alternative solution.
Yes, I have a PDF printer driver (Win2PDF) but this is not really a practical option.
The magazine has over 100 pages, to go that way would mean, I need to manually paginate through it, click "Print" then, select another file name so as to avoid the next file replacing the previous page.
Also, this means that the magazine will become 100 separate files, instead of one file with 100 pages...

If I could find an automation tool to do that, I mean to record my mouse clicks and repeat it until the end of the magazine... but there are still 2 questions:

1) How will the tool "know"it is the last page
2) How will it "know"what is the next file name to assign to it...

So, any other ideas will be appreciated

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E.F. Nijboer 14-Nov-12 4:53am    
It isn't recomended to add an answer when you mean to actually comment to my answer. (hit the button [Have a Question or a Comment?]) I came here because Marcus placed a comment to my answer, otherwise I would never have seen this.

The automated tool will simply scan the html of the page and keep track of the content (url's) visited. That part is a web spider, you can google on that too for more information. It will know the filename because it simply has a filename which is mentioned in the page source. Otherwise your browser wouldn't have a clue either. Just check it out. Most of those tools are quite advanced and create an offline copy of the page. Making it browsable without a connection because the links in the source are changed to make this work.
AlexEvans 14-Nov-12 18:10pm    
Hello again,
Thank you again for your feedback and for explaining as to how to go about adding a feedback, I didn't know that.
This magazine I am subscribed to starts with a web page (after I log on) that has on it all the monthly issues of the magazine and for each of the months there is an icon / thumbnail that says "November 2012" etc... I tried viewing the source of the page but all that it has as file names is the name of the JPG file of the thumbnail and a whole bunch of Java scripts, which I can't call directly.
Once I click the icon - it launches a new popup window which has in it embedded Adobe Flesh Player. If I try right-clicking on that it has a few options which none are helpful, the only one that maybe help is "Index" and when I click on that, it brings up a list of all the pages of that issue.

Now, where do you think I can go from here?

Thanks again for your help. I could send you the HTML file, but I don't see such an option here. My direct email is : alexDOTevansATiinetDOTnetDOTau


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