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I want to Web Scrape an Inputted CallSign and return the Name of its owner.

What I have tried:

It sounds like it should be easy to find a simple solution using VB to perform this task but I'm not having any luck figuring it out. After scouring of the web, there seems to be a hundred different ways of doing this. A lot of it is obsolete, over kill, or seems incomplete. I would like to use the HTML-Agility Pack, LINQ, and the website's API to do this from VB code if possible.
I've tried every way I could find with no luck. Can I run it from a VB Form or does the code need to be in a Module? Would it be better to use C#, Python, or a JavaScript and add another Project to my Solutions? Do I save it to a html or text file? What is the easiest and/or best route?
I need to Input a "CallSign" on this page...
And download and save the Result.jsp page with the result...
I then want to display the Name in a Label.
I'm not exactly sure how to "Post and Get". You can test it out by inputting a callsign formatted like... "KB3" + 3 more Letters... under License Search and click Search. That gives me everything in the "Inspect... Network" that I need, I think. It can return an error, "No matches found", if nobody has that callsign or Entry. There is a Search Field on the Result.jsp page. Would it be better to search from there? Thanks for any help.
Updated 1-Mar-23 6:43am

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Why are you trying to scrape a web page instead of using their web API? It's a lot easier to use the API and parse the response than it is to scrape a web page.

The documentation on the API can be found at License View API | Federal Communications Commission[^].

No HTML Agility Pack required.
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