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EROR IN UPATE in think in com.ExecuteNonQuery(); flagR = false;

public bool UpDebitor(string Name, string PostNumber, string PhoneNumber,Guid ID)
    bool flagR = true;
    string query = string.Format("UPDATE Debitors SET  Name = '{0}' , PostNumber = '{1}', PhoneNumber '{2}' WHERE ID = '{3}'",
        Name, PostNumber, (PhoneNumber != String.Empty) ? PhoneNumber : null,ID);

    using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(constring))
        SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand(query, con);
            flagR = false;


        return flagR;
Richard C Bishop 13-Dec-12 16:42pm    
What does the error message say?

1) You should really be using Paramaterized Queries.
2) PhoneNumber '{2}' should be PhoneNumber = '{2}'
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Jibesh 13-Dec-12 16:54pm    
Good Catch Marcus!!!
the dark Knight 13-Dec-12 17:04pm    
thank you working now
[no name] 14-Dec-12 0:11am    
Great Marcus....
The major flaw of this code is that it is using string data to compose a query; and you should never ever do it because this is too dangerous from the security standpoint.

The data can come from anywhere, including user input. In this case, it can be anything, including… a fragment of SQL code. This simple idea explain a well-known exploit called SQL Injection:[^].

This article also explain the importance of parameterized statements. You need to use them in your code. Please see:[^].

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