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I want to change the font of Caption of CDialog..Since no resource id is associated with caption so we cant use SetFont ..tell how we can achieve this??

What I have tried:

SetFont() can't be applied as caption dont have resource id.
Updated 10-Oct-19 22:27pm

1 solution

You can set the font for the dialog in the dialog's resource definition.
Beginner_mfc 11-Oct-19 5:19am
Richard i am not ralking about dialogs font ,i am talking about title/caption font of dialog.Basically my requirement is make the title/caption of Dialog(derived) from CDialog Bold
Richard MacCutchan 11-Oct-19 6:51am
Sorry, it appears that the caption font is fixed by the system. You will need to handle the drawing of the frame to change that. The only way that i think it could be managed is by using the WM_NCPAINT message - Windows applications | Microsoft Docs[^]. But that gets a bit complicated.
Beginner_mfc 12-Oct-19 4:17am
Ok.Yeah but strange that we can't change a font style and size of caption
Richard MacCutchan 12-Oct-19 4:24am
The frame of a Window, which includes the caption, is managed by the operating system. All Windows programs have a common frame style. If you want something different then you have to manage the creation and painting of the frame yourself, which is not a trivial task.

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