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I use BurntToast module in order to throw toast notifications in Windows 11.

Here is my notification:

When I click Pause button, its caption should be changed to Resume and its argument should be changed to stackoverflow://resume.

Here is the screenshot which describes what I want:

PS: This notification is not updated from first one. I have created fresh notification in order to show.

So, how can I achieve that?

What I have tried:

Here are my codes:

$Data =
    Line1Data = 'Line 1'
    Line2Data = 'Line 2'
    Line3Data = 'Line 3'
    StatusData = ''
    TitleData = 'The file is being downloaded...'
    ValueData = 15/100

$Button1 = New-BTButton -Arguments 'stackoverflow://pause' -Content 'Pause' -ActivationType Protocol
$Button2 = New-BTButton -Arguments 'stackoverflow://cancel' -Content 'Cancel' -ActivationType Protocol
$ProgressBar = New-BTProgressBar -Status 'StatusData' -Title 'TitleData' -Value 'ValueData'

New-BurntToastNotification -Button $Button1, $Button2 -ProgressBar $ProgressBar -Text 'Line1Data', 'Line2Data', 'Line3Data' -DataBinding $Data -UniqueIdentifier 'example'
Updated 19-Feb-23 6:46am

1 solution

The following might help -
$Button1 = Get-ChildItem -Path 'SomePath\SomeFile' | Out-GridView -OutputMode Single -PassThru -Title 'SomeTitle' | ForEach-Object { $ }

if ($button -eq 'pause') {
    $button = 'resume'

Write-Host "Button text is now $button"
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