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When a ball collides with bat or walls, I want the ball to be reflected with an angle, how do I do it?

What I have tried:

I'm not sure what to try. I suspect there's lots of physics to it. So, should I stop this project here? I'd have to probably build a part of game engine…Can anyone help here?
Updated 11-Jan-23 21:22pm
Richard MacCutchan 12-Jan-23 5:24am    
Use a randomiser to adjust the x or y as appropriate so that it travels in a diagonal line.

1 solution

You obtain the simplest scenario by neglecting friction.
When the ball hits the top (or bottom) of the wall then its y (component of direction) is reversed (negated), while the x one stays the same.
On the other hand, when the ball hits left (or right) then its xis reversed while the y component stays the same.
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bhaskar977 12-Jan-23 4:12am    
I'm already doing it. It's causing straight motion.
CPallini 12-Jan-23 4:56am    
Because the initial direction is aligned to the y axis.
Try different initial direction components.

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