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i have two years coding experience for c#,I want to improve my technological capability ,what should i do ?can you recommend me some books .thanks.
lukeer 24-Jul-13 2:22am    
Start with placing a space after commas and periods, not before them. That way, without too much effort, you will at least appear to have improved.

Then learn some technique that you are interested in.
FangYangWa 24-Jul-13 3:29am    
Thank you
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Jul-13 3:40am    
Great point. Such misplacement of punctuation signs drives me crazy.
Thank you!

Why do you think that a stranger can give you some ready-to-use recipes? Do you realize that those decisions depends on you the most? And we don't know your capabilities, preferences and views; and this is the most important part.

As to the books… You know, decent creative engineers and people going in for other creative fields of activity don't ask much for recommendation for the books (but of course take recommendations into account when such recommendation comes). Such people pose the problems, try to solve those problems and, as some part of it, try to find the answers in the work or other people. And then the books, figuratively speaking, comes to such people by themselves.

"Technological capability" is too vague notion. There are no books on this topics. :-)

(No, my statement is above is not accurate. There are way too many authors who promise to make other people happy, successful, and so on. I consider majority of such authors as a big fake. Most successful of them are successful in making bestsellers of their writing, to get good money out of it. But I never saw a person who really made a success through reading such books. If you find a book called "How to boost your technological capability", be careful. I would personally not believe a word, unless I know some ideas from my own experience :-).)

But don't get me wrong: the books are very important. But you need the books to learn the fundamentals: theory, mathematics, ideas, methodical approaches, first principles. To learn some particular computing systems, libraries and other application stuff won't require any books; just reading the original documentation and practicing development would work for you much better; these days, some on-line manuals, especially original ones, are nearly perfect for everyday work.

And you need something else. You need to make it by yourself, otherwise the real value of your "technological capabilities" would be too low. You need to be able to pick some tasks which promises interesting prospects. At the same time, you should be able to do some boring work, because this is the real life. You should not be always bored by such work, but instead your should be able to find gold grains in the dirt and work it all into gold. You should be able to understand people, their interests, because computing is some 75% of a social science (and this part is the most difficult for many people with engineering thinking, but this factor is more prominent in computing than in other fields of technology). You should be able to … do a lot more, hard to list it in one Quick answer, so… after all, you should be able to understand by yourself what you should be able to do, because, sooner or later, we all should have to think how not to waste your life.

By the way, please see my past answer on somewhat related problems. You will find a wonderful quote in it: Help Me to Choose A Better Final year Project[^].

Good luck,
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[no name] 24-Jul-13 2:42am    
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Jul-13 3:16am    
Thank you very much.
FangYangWa 24-Jul-13 3:27am    
Thank you
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 24-Jul-13 3:40am    
You are very welcome.
Good luck, call again.
Sushil Mate 24-Jul-13 3:13am    
5+. very well written...
Hi my friend.
in this situation:
1- you must create small project .somthing like small warehousing system,Cinema ticket Reservation , etc .my purpose is create app that need work with DataBase and requirments analysis.
2-read intermediate article in this Site.
3-one thing is very important. you must first determine your programming scope for future.that means you ask yourself about your ability and favorite for programming.i ask you: Do you like create app in medical branch, or Accounting branch, or E-learning , etc
4-Althogh this word is true "there is no book that can help you directly " but in my short experience and studying Apress books is very good. their voices are really expert voice.
read Apress book.
i hope this help you.
Good luck
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FangYangWa 24-Jul-13 3:52am    
Thank you
aliwpf 24-Jul-13 6:50am    
you're welcome.

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