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I have a CR report that I am designing and I have all of my fields from the database. The database is a large one but all of the data has a year in it. I want to print out year 2014 data for a user, how will that go? Example:
User | Car Miles | Walk Miles | Run Miles | Year |
100  | 2000      | 3000       | 1000      | 2012 |
100  | 800       | 74         | 520       | 2013 |
100  | 500       | 88         | 528       | 2014 |

So, on the report I just want the report to display all the data that has the Year 2014. Can this be done on CR 2013?

1 solution

Yes, you can use Selection Formula to filter your data in CR
string selectFormula = "{Report.Fieldname} = 2013 ";
crystalReportViewer.SelectionFormula = selectFormula;

you can pass the Year like this also
int year = 2013;
string selectFormula = "{Report.Fieldname} =" +year;
crystalReportViewer.SelectionFormula = selectFormula;

Some useful information can be found from here and here
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Computer Wiz99 29-Oct-14 8:22am    
The code you gave is for the code behind right? What about on the program that makes a CR? I have reports that I designed in SAP CR 2013. Is there a formula that I can put together like in Formula Fields to filter out the year I need?
Dilan Shaminda 29-Oct-14 9:28am    
yes it is for can add selection formulas in CR too
check these links

Record Selection

Customizing Record Selection Formulas
Computer Wiz99 29-Oct-14 9:36am    
Thanks. This will help out a lot.
Dilan Shaminda 29-Oct-14 9:37am    
you are welcome :-)
Computer Wiz99 29-Oct-14 12:36pm    
Where do I enter the filter formula for the Year in CR v2013?

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