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Greetings ...

can any one tell me about Multiple SQL Server and how to manage them in a way that any changes in the data of one server, done immediately in the other one??

ITS NOT CLUSTERING ... I want the 2nd server to be active always and also if any changes happened on it will happen on the 1st server

Thank you all
Herman<T>.Instance 31-Mar-15 8:28am
AlwaysOnAvailabilityGroups is your Google searchkeyword
Ali Albasri 31-Mar-15 10:13am
Awesome ... You just hit the spot, Thank you so much

1 solution

Implement Replication. It is a Microsoft technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one database to another and It also maintain consistency.

Refer below link for more information"
Ali Albasri 31-Mar-15 9:26am
thank you for your concern, your answer was so useful, I appreciate it.
I read the article and it`s not so clear that if the distribution server can be more than one server so that data changes in any of the servers can be pushed and replicated and distributed to all other servers

thanks a lot
Code For You 1-Apr-15 1:23am
Yes. If I got your question correctly. You can replicate the data on multiple servers. For example you got Server1, Server2 and Server3. you want same change done on Server1 on Server2 and Server3. You can easily achieve by using replication. you need to identify the table which you want to consistent across the board. Replicate these tables on Server2 and Server3. Hope it answers your question.
Ali Albasri 29-Aug-16 5:39am
sorry for being too late to replay.
thank u so much, you did answer the question, I appreciate it.

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