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GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
Nish Sivakumar20-Jun-14 6:15
mvpNish Sivakumar20-Jun-14 6:15 
GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
Ian Shlasko20-Jun-14 6:18
memberIan Shlasko20-Jun-14 6:18 
GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
Frank Alviani20-Jun-14 6:49
memberFrank Alviani20-Jun-14 6:49 
GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Jun-14 7:21
memberPIEBALDconsult20-Jun-14 7:21 
GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic20-Jun-14 10:24
memberNemanja Trifunovic20-Jun-14 10:24 
GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
Dennis E White20-Jun-14 11:43
memberDennis E White20-Jun-14 11:43 
GeneralRe: XCode question Pin
Dennis E White20-Jun-14 11:48
memberDennis E White20-Jun-14 11:48 
GeneralDiscoveries Pin
John Simmons / outlaw programmer20-Jun-14 5:08
memberJohn Simmons / outlaw programmer20-Jun-14 5:08 
New job, perusing one of the dozens of databases we use on a daily basis. I found:

0) All of the views in at least one of our databases includes this:


Evidently, the first line enables you to trick SqlServer 2008 (and earlier) into allowing the ORDER BY clause in a view. Of course, newer versions of SQL Server ignore both clauses, and IMHO doing ORDER BY in a view is kinda pointless anyway

1) I encountered a view that has 519 OR clauses that evaluate the value of 20 columns. When run in its original form, it took 11 seconds to execute and returns 2900 rows. I modified it to declare a varchar variable and then called CHARINDEX for each column one time, and execution time is now < 1 second.

2) I encountered another view like the one above where execution time was 4 seconds, and using the same technique, I reduced it to < 1 second.

3) Formatting of the SQL I've seen so far is, well, abysmal - and that's me being nice .

I consider my SQL skills to be slightly above the beginner level, but jeeze...

EDIT =======================

I'm surprised nobody has yet pointed out that you can't declare local vars in views (ask me how I know). Smile | :)
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modified 20-Jun-14 10:55am.

GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
HomerTheGreat20-Jun-14 5:14
memberHomerTheGreat20-Jun-14 5:14 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
PIEBALDconsult20-Jun-14 5:16
memberPIEBALDconsult20-Jun-14 5:16 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
Pualee20-Jun-14 5:20
memberPualee20-Jun-14 5:20 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
Richard Deeming20-Jun-14 5:32
professionalRichard Deeming20-Jun-14 5:32 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
John Simmons / outlaw programmer20-Jun-14 5:53
memberJohn Simmons / outlaw programmer20-Jun-14 5:53 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
Tim Carmichael20-Jun-14 6:41
memberTim Carmichael20-Jun-14 6:41 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
Dan Neely20-Jun-14 6:41
memberDan Neely20-Jun-14 6:41 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
newton.saber20-Jun-14 6:52
membernewton.saber20-Jun-14 6:52 
GeneralRe: Discoveries Pin
Sander Rossel20-Jun-14 8:40
professionalSander Rossel20-Jun-14 8:40 
GeneralI didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
Kschuler20-Jun-14 4:44
memberKschuler20-Jun-14 4:44 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
OriginalGriff20-Jun-14 5:11
protectorOriginalGriff20-Jun-14 5:11 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
Pualee20-Jun-14 5:23
memberPualee20-Jun-14 5:23 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
PapaCraft20-Jun-14 5:38
memberPapaCraft20-Jun-14 5:38 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
deflinek20-Jun-14 7:46
memberdeflinek20-Jun-14 7:46 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
Bergholt Stuttley Johnson20-Jun-14 5:55
memberBergholt Stuttley Johnson20-Jun-14 5:55 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
Maarten Kools20-Jun-14 6:14
professionalMaarten Kools20-Jun-14 6:14 
GeneralRe: I didn't realize this law was necessary Pin
Ian Shlasko20-Jun-14 6:14
memberIan Shlasko20-Jun-14 6:14 

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