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QuestionTesting Pin
Canny Brisk25-Aug-14 3:30
professionalCanny Brisk25-Aug-14 3:30 
General4 5 6 Pin
Canny Brisk25-Aug-14 3:32
professionalCanny Brisk25-Aug-14 3:32 
General7 8 9 ten Pin
_Canny_Brisk_25-Aug-14 3:34
professional_Canny_Brisk_25-Aug-14 3:34 
GeneralRe: 7 8 9 ten Pin
Rage25-Aug-14 4:25
professionalRage25-Aug-14 4:25 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
Richard MacCutchan25-Aug-14 0:52
protectorRichard MacCutchan25-Aug-14 0:52 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
Canny Brisk25-Aug-14 1:19
professionalCanny Brisk25-Aug-14 1:19 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
dbrenth25-Aug-14 7:48
memberdbrenth25-Aug-14 7:48 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
_Canny_Brisk_25-Aug-14 19:10
professional_Canny_Brisk_25-Aug-14 19:10 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
Sentenryu25-Aug-14 23:56
memberSentenryu25-Aug-14 23:56 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
_Canny_Brisk_26-Aug-14 1:50
professional_Canny_Brisk_26-Aug-14 1:50 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
Sentenryu26-Aug-14 2:24
memberSentenryu26-Aug-14 2:24 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
Mark_Wallace26-Aug-14 20:26
memberMark_Wallace26-Aug-14 20:26 
GeneralRe: When was CodeProject founded? Pin
_Canny_Brisk_26-Aug-14 20:57
professional_Canny_Brisk_26-Aug-14 20:57 
RantNew lappie Pin
Rage24-Aug-14 22:08
professionalRage24-Aug-14 22:08 
So, after postponing the deadline for about 1.5 years, I finally had to switch my laptop at work.
So far, I had an HP Elitebook 2540p, which is by far the best laptop I have ever had. lighweight, powerful, robust, could handle docking/undocking and hibernating several hundred times before crashing, survived about 6 hours without power even after 3 years of intensive use, could handle all my funny experimentations with networking (switching from home network to work network to wireless to VPN to home ...), could even get by with some fancy external power supply if I forgot mine at home or in a meeting room. To cut a long story short, you now understand why I resisted the necessity of the scheduled maintenance change policy of my company.

Eventually, got a lenovo as a replacement. Starts with a big minus (which is a killer when I look for private laptops) : the fn key on the bottom left, instead of the ctrl key. When you constantly have to swtich between desktop and laptop, this is a PITA. Why on earth would someone put that more than useless key in such a critical place ???? You elephanting keyboard designers ever used a laptop in the past ?
[EDIT] There is a BIOS option to swap the keys. It works, but... a BIOS option ? Isn't that just a sign that this is an unfeature ?

Second one : proprietary rectangular connector for the power supply ? why ? WHY ? Why did you have the need of going from easy-to-plug half-universal round connectors to something rectangular !!! DO you guys ever used a usb port ? And turned the usb connector several times upside down until it finally fits in the hole ? Now imagine that with the power supply ? How many times will it survive it being put upside down ???
A fun fact: The power converter 220V->12V has been reduced in size and weight, but it seems that they run out of place to write all the logos and warnings on it, so they are all just packed in random places (sorry, no time to put a picture to illustrate what I mean)... This looks the same as a lego car for which I'd asked my 4-year-old daughter to put the stickers on it by herself...

So already two negative points, and I haven't switched the thing on... Bloody monday...

*Going for google to see how to switch fn and ctrl key Sigh | :sigh: *

I think words like 'destiny' are a way of trying to find order where none exists. - Christian Graus
Entropy isn't what it used to.

modified 25-Aug-14 4:40am.

GeneralRe: New lappie Pin
Rob Philpott24-Aug-14 22:46
professionalRob Philpott24-Aug-14 22:46 
GeneralRe: New lappie Pin
Rage24-Aug-14 22:54
professionalRage24-Aug-14 22:54 
GeneralRe: New lappie Pin
Rob Philpott24-Aug-14 22:59
professionalRob Philpott24-Aug-14 22:59 
GeneralRe: New lappie Pin
Jörgen Andersson25-Aug-14 1:47
professionalJörgen Andersson25-Aug-14 1:47 
GeneralRe: New lappie Pin
Rage25-Aug-14 2:17
professionalRage25-Aug-14 2:17 
GeneralRe: New lappie Pin
Mark_Wallace26-Aug-14 20:32
memberMark_Wallace26-Aug-14 20:32 
GeneralMQOTD Pin
V.24-Aug-14 21:03
professionalV.24-Aug-14 21:03 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Mendor8124-Aug-14 21:13
professionalMendor8124-Aug-14 21:13 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Agent__00724-Aug-14 22:04
professionalAgent__00724-Aug-14 22:04 
JokeRe: MQOTD Pin
Johnny J.24-Aug-14 22:23
professionalJohnny J.24-Aug-14 22:23 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
OriginalGriff24-Aug-14 22:43
protectorOriginalGriff24-Aug-14 22:43 
GeneralRe: MQOTD Pin
Johnny J.24-Aug-14 22:53
professionalJohnny J.24-Aug-14 22:53 
JokeRe: MQOTD Pin
Argonia24-Aug-14 22:57
professionalArgonia24-Aug-14 22:57 
GeneralMVC4: Impressed Pin
d@nish 24-Aug-14 19:28
professional d@nish 24-Aug-14 19:28 
GeneralRe: MVC4: Impressed Pin
Super Lloyd24-Aug-14 20:12
memberSuper Lloyd24-Aug-14 20:12 
GeneralRe: MVC4: Impressed Pin
Agent__00724-Aug-14 20:21
professionalAgent__00724-Aug-14 20:21 
GeneralRe: MVC4: Impressed Pin
JMK-NI24-Aug-14 20:58
memberJMK-NI24-Aug-14 20:58 
GeneralDr. Who.... Hmmmmmmm (no spoilers) Pin
_Maxxx_24-Aug-14 19:19
professional_Maxxx_24-Aug-14 19:19 
GeneralRe: Dr. Who.... Hmmmmmmm (no spoilers) Pin
hayrob24-Aug-14 20:30
memberhayrob24-Aug-14 20:30 
GeneralRe: Dr. Who.... Hmmmmmmm (no spoilers) Pin
Tim Carmichael25-Aug-14 1:57
memberTim Carmichael25-Aug-14 1:57 
GeneralR.I.P. Richard Attenborough Pin
Mika Wendelius24-Aug-14 18:29
mentorMika Wendelius24-Aug-14 18:29 
GeneralRe: R.I.P. Richard Attenborough Pin
s_mon24-Aug-14 18:43
members_mon24-Aug-14 18:43 
GeneralRe: R.I.P. Richard Attenborough Pin
Mike Hankey24-Aug-14 18:50
professionalMike Hankey24-Aug-14 18:50 
GeneralRe: R.I.P. Richard Attenborough Pin
Slacker00725-Aug-14 1:25
professionalSlacker00725-Aug-14 1:25 
GeneralRe: R.I.P. Richard Attenborough Pin
Mika Wendelius25-Aug-14 3:26
mentorMika Wendelius25-Aug-14 3:26 
GeneralFight clip Pin
loctrice24-Aug-14 14:30
professionalloctrice24-Aug-14 14:30 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
Marc Clifton24-Aug-14 15:18
protectorMarc Clifton24-Aug-14 15:18 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
loctrice25-Aug-14 1:10
professionalloctrice25-Aug-14 1:10 
JokeRe: Fight clip Pin
Wes Aday24-Aug-14 15:49
memberWes Aday24-Aug-14 15:49 
JokeRe: Fight clip Pin
d@nish 24-Aug-14 17:59
professional d@nish 24-Aug-14 17:59 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
loctrice25-Aug-14 1:11
professionalloctrice25-Aug-14 1:11 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
Rage24-Aug-14 23:01
professionalRage24-Aug-14 23:01 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
loctrice25-Aug-14 1:14
professionalloctrice25-Aug-14 1:14 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
Rage25-Aug-14 2:18
professionalRage25-Aug-14 2:18 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
loctrice25-Aug-14 2:31
professionalloctrice25-Aug-14 2:31 
GeneralRe: Fight clip Pin
BillWoodruff25-Aug-14 4:32
professionalBillWoodruff25-Aug-14 4:32 

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