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GeneralRe: My new java device Pin
jschell27-Dec-18 13:39
Memberjschell27-Dec-18 13:39 
GeneralRe: My new java device Pin
Member 798912227-Dec-18 14:02
MemberMember 798912227-Dec-18 14:02 
GeneralRe: My new java device Pin
BryanFazekas28-Dec-18 1:19
MemberBryanFazekas28-Dec-18 1:19 
GeneralRe: My new java device Pin
ormonds28-Dec-18 9:37
Memberormonds28-Dec-18 9:37 
GeneralRe: My new java device Pin
kmoorevs28-Dec-18 11:51
Memberkmoorevs28-Dec-18 11:51 
GeneralRe: My new java device Pin
Member 798912228-Dec-18 12:47
MemberMember 798912228-Dec-18 12:47 
GeneralInteresting read... Pin
littleGreenDude27-Dec-18 4:28
MemberlittleGreenDude27-Dec-18 4:28 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... PinPopular
Mark_Wallace27-Dec-18 6:34
MemberMark_Wallace27-Dec-18 6:34 

So at least one person has woken up and smelled the coffee -- about 20 years late, but at least he got there.

On a couple of the major points:

The fake advertising clicks/views thing will never go away, and will, in fact, get worse until it achieves the downhill slope on the balance of how much the main web-advertising businesses can screw out of businesses.

Google and fb don't care if clicks/views are faked, because they get paid a lot more per click/view than the scammers do.

And their customers don't care too much, because the money comes out of their tax-deductible advertising budget, so as long as they can say "this campaign drew n more sales, which covered our costs, they will continue to cough up -- until, as I say, that happy balance tips the wrong way, and the costs outweigh the investment by too big a margin.

The outcome of that will probably be a reduction in the per-click/view price, which will make it less attractive to some of the scammers, so the balance will level off -- until the next time.

The bot traffic will never go away, partly because a reasonable proportion of it (perhaps as much a 15%) is genuine stuff, which helps the Interwebs function and is there for proper business purposes; but mostly because there will always be a huge supply of people who want to do things that no decent person would do -- and it's unlikely that there will ever be a reliable, robust way of telling the bad bots from the genuine ones.

There will always be enough bandwidth for you to stream your funny cat videos, so live with it.

One change that we are pretty much guaranteed to see, over the next couple of years, is a reduction of the reliance on unregulated news sites, half-arsed blogs, and wikis (yes, I'm looking at you, wikipedia), because, thankfully, the majority is beginning to recognise the fact that their accuracy (or, at least, their professionalism in attempting to be accurate) cannot be relied upon.

Such sites will, of course, always exist, but the tendency to cite them is already on the way down, because people don't like being ridiculed for having believed made-up or distorted crap from click-bait web-sites. We can be thankful that the words "reputation" and "trust" are being used more, where it comes to news.

Faked videos?
Bring 'em on! I look forward to seeing how creative and satirical people can get!

Who doesn't want to watch a "fixed" oscars ceremony, where everyone admits how much they hate the guts of the @rseholes they worked with; or see a certain inhabitant of a particularly coloured house open his mouth and something true come out of it?

Click-baiting, unregulated news sites will of course jump on such videos and try to portray them as real, but this will only push everyone to treat such sites as entertainment, while they rely the more professional sites for the real news.

It's the Interwebs. It will never be perfect, because no three people will ever agree on what perfect is, in this context; but it's been in a bad dip, where ontrustworthiness became the norm, and it's beginning to recover, so it ain't all doom and gloom.
I wanna be a eunuchs developer! Pass me a bread knife!

GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
Jörgen Andersson27-Dec-18 23:03
professionalJörgen Andersson27-Dec-18 23:03 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
Mark_Wallace28-Dec-18 3:30
MemberMark_Wallace28-Dec-18 3:30 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
James Lonero29-Dec-18 14:36
MemberJames Lonero29-Dec-18 14:36 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
Jörgen Andersson29-Dec-18 23:32
professionalJörgen Andersson29-Dec-18 23:32 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
5enseju52-Jan-19 21:12
Member5enseju52-Jan-19 21:12 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
Mike Hankey27-Dec-18 7:36
professionalMike Hankey27-Dec-18 7:36 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
Mark_Wallace27-Dec-18 11:59
MemberMark_Wallace27-Dec-18 11:59 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
Mike Hankey27-Dec-18 12:23
professionalMike Hankey27-Dec-18 12:23 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
jschell27-Dec-18 13:40
Memberjschell27-Dec-18 13:40 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
James Lonero29-Dec-18 14:33
MemberJames Lonero29-Dec-18 14:33 
GeneralRe: Interesting read... Pin
jschell5-Jan-19 5:07
Memberjschell5-Jan-19 5:07 
GeneralPraise Be Pin
OriginalGriff27-Dec-18 4:02
mveOriginalGriff27-Dec-18 4:02 
GeneralRe: Praise Be Pin
DRHuff27-Dec-18 4:23
MemberDRHuff27-Dec-18 4:23 
GeneralRe: Praise Be Pin
Member 798912227-Dec-18 9:38
MemberMember 798912227-Dec-18 9:38 
GeneralRe: Praise Be Pin
DRHuff27-Dec-18 10:38
MemberDRHuff27-Dec-18 10:38 
GeneralRe: Praise Be Pin
RickZeeland27-Dec-18 4:41
mveRickZeeland27-Dec-18 4:41 
GeneralCross Page Posting Pin
latakurekar26-Dec-18 17:49
Memberlatakurekar26-Dec-18 17:49 

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