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GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
dandy728-Jan-19 9:43
Memberdandy728-Jan-19 9:43 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
Member 91670578-Jan-19 21:03
MemberMember 91670578-Jan-19 21:03 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
dandy729-Jan-19 5:22
Memberdandy729-Jan-19 5:22 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
Member 91670579-Jan-19 5:40
MemberMember 91670579-Jan-19 5:40 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
RDM Jr9-Jan-19 9:14
MemberRDM Jr9-Jan-19 9:14 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
Member 91670579-Jan-19 20:52
MemberMember 91670579-Jan-19 20:52 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
dandy729-Jan-19 9:16
Memberdandy729-Jan-19 9:16 
GeneralRe: The joys of being "the computer guy" (rant) Pin
Member 91670579-Jan-19 20:51
MemberMember 91670579-Jan-19 20:51 
Maybe doing what I'm doing will suit you better than your current attitude. I usually am a helpful person, when someone asks me for help, I reply. Be it about technical stuff or anything else (separating technology from sociology). When it's something small and I have a couple moments (which I usually have), that's not an issue. If it's something bigger, I reply with "Look, that'll take time, I'm busy ATM. I can call you in 3 days at 15:30, then I'll have plenty of time." Something like that. When the person is a functioning mature human, they understand.

The moment someone goes "But I want you to oblige to my terms", I tell them off.

The trick here is to go into this open-minded. People asking me for help aren't random strangers, they're friends or friends of friends. Since I don't surround myself with morons, chances are high, they'll understand. I don't assume the worst from the get-go but when someone stresses me, I close it immediately. That way, I am still helpful but don't stress myself out.

You said earlier that this person is rather aware that you don't owe her anything and doing quite the favor here without anything in return but a warmhearted "thank you" (which is still rewarding if it's honest). Chances are, she won't treat you like a slave. No need to assume the worst here.
GeneralOh noooooo.... Pin
#realJSOP6-Jan-19 2:23
mva#realJSOP6-Jan-19 2:23 
GeneralRe: Oh noooooo.... Pin
Slacker0076-Jan-19 4:36
professionalSlacker0076-Jan-19 4:36 
GeneralWindows weekend Pin
OriginalGriff6-Jan-19 1:39
mveOriginalGriff6-Jan-19 1:39 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
#realJSOP6-Jan-19 1:54
mva#realJSOP6-Jan-19 1:54 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter6-Jan-19 2:52
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter6-Jan-19 2:52 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
Eddy Vluggen6-Jan-19 3:14
professionalEddy Vluggen6-Jan-19 3:14 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
lopatir6-Jan-19 5:09
Memberlopatir6-Jan-19 5:09 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
theoldfool6-Jan-19 6:00
professionaltheoldfool6-Jan-19 6:00 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
dandy728-Jan-19 2:42
Memberdandy728-Jan-19 2:42 
GeneralRe: Windows weekend Pin
Gerry Schmitz7-Jan-19 19:14
mveGerry Schmitz7-Jan-19 19:14 
GeneralLinux weekend Pin
#realJSOP6-Jan-19 1:13
mva#realJSOP6-Jan-19 1:13 
GeneralRe: Linux weekend Pin
dandy726-Jan-19 3:02
Memberdandy726-Jan-19 3:02 
GeneralRe: Linux weekend Pin
#realJSOP6-Jan-19 23:34
mva#realJSOP6-Jan-19 23:34 
GeneralRe: Linux weekend Pin
dandy727-Jan-19 6:54
Memberdandy727-Jan-19 6:54 
GeneralRe: Linux weekend Pin
#realJSOP7-Jan-19 7:10
mva#realJSOP7-Jan-19 7:10 
GeneralRe: Linux weekend Pin
dandy727-Jan-19 7:52
Memberdandy727-Jan-19 7:52 
GeneralRe: Linux weekend Pin
lopatir6-Jan-19 5:04
Memberlopatir6-Jan-19 5:04 

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