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GeneralRe: Holes Pin
Gary Wheeler29-Jan-19 7:12
MemberGary Wheeler29-Jan-19 7:12 
GeneralOne for Edge Pin
theoldfool28-Jan-19 11:12
professionaltheoldfool28-Jan-19 11:12 
GeneralRe: One for Edge Pin
Mark_Wallace28-Jan-19 20:03
MemberMark_Wallace28-Jan-19 20:03 
GeneralRe: One for Edge Pin
Rage28-Jan-19 20:40
professionalRage28-Jan-19 20:40 
GeneralRe: One for Edge Pin
Nelek28-Jan-19 23:43
protectorNelek28-Jan-19 23:43 
GeneralRe: One for Edge Pin
#realJSOP29-Jan-19 1:42
mva#realJSOP29-Jan-19 1:42 
GeneralRe: One for Edge Pin
#realJSOP29-Jan-19 1:40
mva#realJSOP29-Jan-19 1:40 
RantMemory Utilization Pin
Marc Clifton28-Jan-19 5:12
mvaMarc Clifton28-Jan-19 5:12 
What in gods green earth would require Slack to consume 1/2 Gig of RAM? It's a f***ing messaging app!!! Or Postman, which is really nothing but an awful front-end UI for sending REST API calls and receiving responses?

Between the two of them, 1GB. Two Visual Studio instances, another 1.5GB. SQL Server + SSMS, 700MB.

And don't even get me started on Chrome. 17 tabs and almost 5GB. Close Chrome, restart with exactly the same 17 tabs, and now it uses a meager 2GB.

WTF? On a 16GB machine, I had 90% memory utilization (there are other things too, stuff consuming 200MB, etc). F***ing insane.
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GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
OriginalGriff28-Jan-19 5:17
mveOriginalGriff28-Jan-19 5:17 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Marc Clifton28-Jan-19 6:36
mvaMarc Clifton28-Jan-19 6:36 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
User 842028-Jan-19 5:22
MemberUser 842028-Jan-19 5:22 
JokeRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Nish Nishant28-Jan-19 6:21
sitebuilderNish Nishant28-Jan-19 6:21 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
raddevus28-Jan-19 8:03
mvaraddevus28-Jan-19 8:03 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Rage28-Jan-19 21:06
professionalRage28-Jan-19 21:06 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
lopatir28-Jan-19 5:22
Memberlopatir28-Jan-19 5:22 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
André Pereira29-Jan-19 2:42
MemberAndré Pereira29-Jan-19 2:42 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
PeejayAdams28-Jan-19 5:23
MemberPeejayAdams28-Jan-19 5:23 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
OriginalGriff28-Jan-19 5:52
mveOriginalGriff28-Jan-19 5:52 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Chris Losinger28-Jan-19 6:20
professionalChris Losinger28-Jan-19 6:20 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Marc Clifton28-Jan-19 6:38
mvaMarc Clifton28-Jan-19 6:38 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
raddevus28-Jan-19 8:07
mvaraddevus28-Jan-19 8:07 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Munchies_Matt28-Jan-19 6:50
MemberMunchies_Matt28-Jan-19 6:50 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
RickZeeland28-Jan-19 6:58
mveRickZeeland28-Jan-19 6:58 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Nand3228-Jan-19 7:07
MemberNand3228-Jan-19 7:07 
GeneralRe: Memory Utilization Pin
Slacker00728-Jan-19 7:56
professionalSlacker00728-Jan-19 7:56 

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