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GeneralRe: Mini CCCs 70 Pin
GKP19927-Apr-19 18:56
professionalGKP19927-Apr-19 18:56 
GeneralRe: Mini CCCs 70 - Done Pin
Tim Deveaux7-Apr-19 18:57
MemberTim Deveaux7-Apr-19 18:57 
RantSkype, am I the only one? Pin
User 110609797-Apr-19 7:10
MemberUser 110609797-Apr-19 7:10 
GeneralRe: Skype, am I the only one? Pin
Slacker0077-Apr-19 9:12
professionalSlacker0077-Apr-19 9:12 
GeneralRe: Skype, am I the only one? Pin
Tom Deketelaere7-Apr-19 23:13
professionalTom Deketelaere7-Apr-19 23:13 
GeneralRe: Skype, am I the only one? Pin
Rage8-Apr-19 2:39
professionalRage8-Apr-19 2:39 
GeneralRe: Skype, am I the only one? Pin
Marcelo Huerta9-Apr-19 10:41
MemberMarcelo Huerta9-Apr-19 10:41 
GeneralI Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 3:24
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 3:24 
I can't hang with EF6. It just takes too much control and won't let me fix it's "nuances".

I'm going to keep it for the Identity stuff because the two are too tightly integrated and I have real and more important work to do. For everything else, I wrote a static class that uses ADO to do simple set/get via stored procs, and a method that uses reflection to build a list of the specified entity for the "get data" stuff.

EF6 is probably great for people that don't/won't rely so heavily on stored procs (it REALLY doesn't work very well in that regard), but for my circumstances, ORMs are to avoided, shunned, and denigrated at all costs.

I don't know if EF7 is any better, but since we can't move to .Net Core where I work, we'll probably never know.

EDIT =======================================

After spending a day and a half replacing the EF models with my own ADO-based code, I'm back to where I was on Friday, and after I've documented what I did and why I did it, I'll be able to actually work on the app again.
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modified 7-Apr-19 14:31pm.

GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
Slacker0077-Apr-19 5:54
professionalSlacker0077-Apr-19 5:54 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 6:23
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 6:23 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
abmv7-Apr-19 5:55
professionalabmv7-Apr-19 5:55 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 6:14
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 6:14 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
abmv7-Apr-19 6:51
professionalabmv7-Apr-19 6:51 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 8:05
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 8:05 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
User 110609797-Apr-19 8:19
MemberUser 110609797-Apr-19 8:19 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
Kevin Marois8-Apr-19 11:25
professionalKevin Marois8-Apr-19 11:25 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP8-Apr-19 13:42
mva#realJSOP8-Apr-19 13:42 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
Kevin Marois8-Apr-19 13:43
professionalKevin Marois8-Apr-19 13:43 
QuestionRe: I Give Up Pin
megaadam7-Apr-19 10:00
professionalmegaadam7-Apr-19 10:00 
AnswerRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 10:07
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 10:07 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
Mycroft Holmes7-Apr-19 13:46
professionalMycroft Holmes7-Apr-19 13:46 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 14:27
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 14:27 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
Matthew Dennis7-Apr-19 16:59
sysadminMatthew Dennis7-Apr-19 16:59 
GeneralRe: I Give Up Pin
#realJSOP7-Apr-19 22:25
mva#realJSOP7-Apr-19 22:25 
GeneralMake your damn mind up Visual Studio! Pin
OriginalGriff7-Apr-19 1:53
mveOriginalGriff7-Apr-19 1:53 

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