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GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Christian Graus15-Apr-19 17:40
protectorChristian Graus15-Apr-19 17:40 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Chris Maunder15-Apr-19 18:42
adminChris Maunder15-Apr-19 18:42 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz16-Apr-19 5:11
memberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz16-Apr-19 5:11 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Mycroft Holmes16-Apr-19 13:34
memberMycroft Holmes16-Apr-19 13:34 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
TheGreatAndPowerfulOz16-Apr-19 15:45
memberTheGreatAndPowerfulOz16-Apr-19 15:45 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Dean Roddey15-Apr-19 17:36
memberDean Roddey15-Apr-19 17:36 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Christian Graus15-Apr-19 17:42
protectorChristian Graus15-Apr-19 17:42 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
the goat in your machine15-Apr-19 18:14
memberthe goat in your machine15-Apr-19 18:14 
Dean Roddey wrote:
And another big irony is that the 'making money by spying on your customers' thing, and renting out software at scale, really only works for big businesses. So the end result of the PC revolution is basically moving inexorably towards reversing the PC revolution and taking us right back where we were, only far worse now because now software is core to our way of life.

yeah, but it's always been like that. ISP's died when Telco's destroyed them, small PC shops died when department stores and On-Line giants killed them.

But that's everything: Corner grocery/produce shops died when giant supermarkets killed them, ... how many actual car/motobike companies are there now (not brands, actual owners), how many fast food companies are there now, coffee shops, travel agencies, tailors, pharma, farming, groceries, manufacturing...

market competition is not about being the best, fairest or even cheapest; it's outright war.
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Christian Graus15-Apr-19 18:29
protectorChristian Graus15-Apr-19 18:29 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
PIEBALDconsult15-Apr-19 18:32
protectorPIEBALDconsult15-Apr-19 18:32 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
#realJSOP15-Apr-19 21:20
mve#realJSOP15-Apr-19 21:20 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
David MacDermot15-Apr-19 21:24
memberDavid MacDermot15-Apr-19 21:24 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Dominic Burford15-Apr-19 21:35
professionalDominic Burford15-Apr-19 21:35 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Dean Roddey16-Apr-19 6:53
memberDean Roddey16-Apr-19 6:53 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Daniel Pfeffer15-Apr-19 21:47
professionalDaniel Pfeffer15-Apr-19 21:47 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
GenJerDan15-Apr-19 22:25
memberGenJerDan15-Apr-19 22:25 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
"mega"-in-a-fake-beard16-Apr-19 0:03
professional"mega"-in-a-fake-beard16-Apr-19 0:03 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
PeejayAdams16-Apr-19 0:26
memberPeejayAdams16-Apr-19 0:26 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Rage16-Apr-19 1:31
professionalRage16-Apr-19 1:31 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Jörgen Andersson16-Apr-19 10:40
protectorJörgen Andersson16-Apr-19 10:40 
GeneralRe: News sources Pin
Mark_Wallace16-Apr-19 11:23
memberMark_Wallace16-Apr-19 11:23 
GeneralHello Pin
Christian Graus15-Apr-19 13:01
protectorChristian Graus15-Apr-19 13:01 
GeneralRe: Hello Pin
Brisingr Aerowing15-Apr-19 13:26
professionalBrisingr Aerowing15-Apr-19 13:26 
GeneralRe: Hello Pin
Slacker00715-Apr-19 14:08
professionalSlacker00715-Apr-19 14:08 
GeneralRe: Hello Pin
Brisingr Aerowing15-Apr-19 14:27
professionalBrisingr Aerowing15-Apr-19 14:27 

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