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GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
DRHuff6-May-19 16:18
memberDRHuff6-May-19 16:18 
GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
Christian Graus6-May-19 16:23
protectorChristian Graus6-May-19 16:23 
GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
DRHuff6-May-19 17:23
memberDRHuff6-May-19 17:23 
GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
Dean Roddey6-May-19 19:33
memberDean Roddey6-May-19 19:33 
GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
Eddy Vluggen6-May-19 21:00
mveEddy Vluggen6-May-19 21:00 
GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
Nelek6-May-19 21:54
protectorNelek6-May-19 21:54 
GeneralRe: its that time of year again... Pin
Mike Hankey6-May-19 22:30
professionalMike Hankey6-May-19 22:30 
GeneralNew Laptop Pin
#realJSOP6-May-19 9:31
mve#realJSOP6-May-19 9:31 
IO ordered a new (Dell) laptop with Windows 10 for my sister, and it will be here today.

I wanna prep it for her. Is there anything I should be aware of or or should know?

Needless to say, I want to rip out all the bloat/crap-ware that I can, but is there anything else I can do to make Win10 a better experience for her? She was REAL happy with her Win7 laptop, but it went up in smoke on her last week, and could not be recovered.
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GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
RickZeeland6-May-19 9:45
mveRickZeeland6-May-19 9:45 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
0x01AA6-May-19 9:46
professional0x01AA6-May-19 9:46 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
#realJSOP6-May-19 10:05
mve#realJSOP6-May-19 10:05 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
0x01AA6-May-19 10:20
professional0x01AA6-May-19 10:20 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
q1213q6-May-19 10:31
memberq1213q6-May-19 10:31 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
#realJSOP6-May-19 10:34
mve#realJSOP6-May-19 10:34 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
q1213q6-May-19 10:42
memberq1213q6-May-19 10:42 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
dandy726-May-19 10:49
memberdandy726-May-19 10:49 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
harold aptroot6-May-19 10:14
memberharold aptroot6-May-19 10:14 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
MarkTJohnson6-May-19 11:12
professionalMarkTJohnson6-May-19 11:12 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
Eddy Vluggen6-May-19 10:50
mveEddy Vluggen6-May-19 10:50 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter6-May-19 11:33
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter6-May-19 11:33 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
Michael Martin6-May-19 12:04
professionalMichael Martin6-May-19 12:04 
GeneralRe: New Laptop Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE6-May-19 12:59
professionalDr.Walt Fair, PE6-May-19 12:59 
JokeRe: New Laptop Pin
englebart8-May-19 3:33
memberenglebart8-May-19 3:33 
GeneralWindows 10...automatic reboots... Pin
dandy726-May-19 8:21
memberdandy726-May-19 8:21 
GeneralRe: Windows 10...automatic reboots... Pin
Gary Wheeler6-May-19 8:40
memberGary Wheeler6-May-19 8:40 

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