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GeneralRe: Windows 10 Insider previews - bandwidth hogs? Pin
dandy724-Jun-19 6:14
Memberdandy724-Jun-19 6:14 
Generalrevert/restore @ Linux Pin
Nand322-Jun-19 1:53
MemberNand322-Jun-19 1:53 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter2-Jun-19 2:13
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter2-Jun-19 2:13 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Nand322-Jun-19 2:21
MemberNand322-Jun-19 2:21 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Mike Hankey2-Jun-19 3:42
professionalMike Hankey2-Jun-19 3:42 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Munchies_Matt2-Jun-19 3:12
MemberMunchies_Matt2-Jun-19 3:12 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
lopatir2-Jun-19 3:42
Memberlopatir2-Jun-19 3:42 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Kirk 103898213-Jun-19 12:56
MemberKirk 103898213-Jun-19 12:56 
I've cloned the disks in windows to different hardware.
It's a pain, but the process was load over the required drivers for the new hardware.
Installable, but NOT installed.

Clone the drive. Put the clone in the different hardware machine, boot into safe mode without networking.

get the monitor/keyboard/mouse drivers first. Generics usually work at first.

reboot normally.
Apply all of the drivers specific to this machine.
After about 10 reboots. You are pretty much good as gold.
Now, deal with all of the software/copy protection like QuickBOoks, etc.
That recognize the drive changed, or the CPU changed or the core hardware changed.

Back in the day WINNT, we did this in order to upgrade developers computers without reinstalling everything. Probably did this about 30 times.

Anything that causes a crash just requires safe mode boot, installed the new hardware driver, and delete the old one.

USB and Networking are the single biggest nightmares. And nowadays the entire Mainboard and subsystems.

GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
dandy722-Jun-19 3:58
Memberdandy722-Jun-19 3:58 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
abmv2-Jun-19 3:59
professionalabmv2-Jun-19 3:59 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Mark_Wallace2-Jun-19 5:23
MemberMark_Wallace2-Jun-19 5:23 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
theoldfool2-Jun-19 8:04
professionaltheoldfool2-Jun-19 8:04 
GeneralRe: revert/restore @ Linux Pin
Ryan Peden3-Jun-19 4:05
staffRyan Peden3-Jun-19 4:05 
GeneralCAOTD or.. CATD? Pin
Super Lloyd1-Jun-19 23:05
MemberSuper Lloyd1-Jun-19 23:05 
GeneralRe: CAOTD or.. CATD? Pin
OriginalGriff2-Jun-19 0:34
mveOriginalGriff2-Jun-19 0:34 
GeneralRe: CAOTD or.. CATD? Pin
Mike Hankey2-Jun-19 1:34
professionalMike Hankey2-Jun-19 1:34 
GeneralSkottelbraai Pin
RickZeeland1-Jun-19 20:16
mveRickZeeland1-Jun-19 20:16 
GeneralRe: Skottelbraai Pin
OriginalGriff1-Jun-19 20:41
mveOriginalGriff1-Jun-19 20:41 
GeneralRe: Skottelbraai Pin
RickZeeland1-Jun-19 20:49
mveRickZeeland1-Jun-19 20:49 
GeneralRe: Skottelbraai Pin
Mark_Wallace1-Jun-19 20:48
MemberMark_Wallace1-Jun-19 20:48 
GeneralRe: Skottelbraai Pin
RickZeeland1-Jun-19 20:51
mveRickZeeland1-Jun-19 20:51 
GeneralHigh performance c# Pin
Rob Philpott31-May-19 22:50
MemberRob Philpott31-May-19 22:50 
GeneralRe: High performance c# Pin
OriginalGriff31-May-19 23:02
mveOriginalGriff31-May-19 23:02 
GeneralRe: High performance c# Pin
Munchies_Matt31-May-19 23:10
MemberMunchies_Matt31-May-19 23:10 
GeneralRe: High performance c# Pin
OriginalGriff31-May-19 23:24
mveOriginalGriff31-May-19 23:24 

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