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GeneralRe: Finally Pin
CPallini5-Jun-19 0:19
mveCPallini5-Jun-19 0:19 
GeneralRe: Finally Pin
jsc425-Jun-19 0:37
professionaljsc425-Jun-19 0:37 
GeneralRe: Finally Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE5-Jun-19 6:54
professionalDr.Walt Fair, PE5-Jun-19 6:54 
GeneralRe: Finally Pin
Maximilien5-Jun-19 1:34
memberMaximilien5-Jun-19 1:34 
GeneralRe: Finally Pin
theoldfool5-Jun-19 3:03
professionaltheoldfool5-Jun-19 3:03 
GeneralRe: Finally Pin
Mike Hankey5-Jun-19 3:48
professionalMike Hankey5-Jun-19 3:48 
GeneralRe: Finally Pin
BillWoodruff6-Jun-19 23:18
mveBillWoodruff6-Jun-19 23:18 
GeneralMicrosoft rant Pin
honey the codewitch4-Jun-19 14:03
memberhoney the codewitch4-Jun-19 14:03 
Gotta love using VS to make a Visual Studio Extensibility (VSIX) project.

The first one you create works.

Every one after that gives you E_INVALIDARG as soon as you try to add an AsyncPackage to the project.

So I figured VS2017 was dodgy like everyone was saying.

So I installed VS2019.

Same problem. Only I couldn't even create the one VSIX project before getting that error.

So on my system, I have one VSIX that works. I just keep adding everything into that one as a result. It's stupid.

Naturally, google turns up nothing on the problem.
When I was growin' up, I was the smartest kid I knew. Maybe that was just because I didn't know that many kids. All I know is now I feel the opposite.

GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
Eddy Vluggen4-Jun-19 14:27
mveEddy Vluggen4-Jun-19 14:27 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
honey the codewitch4-Jun-19 14:31
memberhoney the codewitch4-Jun-19 14:31 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
Joe Woodbury4-Jun-19 14:34
professionalJoe Woodbury4-Jun-19 14:34 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
Eddy Vluggen4-Jun-19 14:37
mveEddy Vluggen4-Jun-19 14:37 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
markrlondon5-Jun-19 23:22
membermarkrlondon5-Jun-19 23:22 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
Eddy Vluggen6-Jun-19 0:51
mveEddy Vluggen6-Jun-19 0:51 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE6-Jun-19 7:30
professionalDr.Walt Fair, PE6-Jun-19 7:30 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter4-Jun-19 21:25
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter4-Jun-19 21:25 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
honey the codewitch5-Jun-19 2:34
memberhoney the codewitch5-Jun-19 2:34 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
markrlondon5-Jun-19 23:26
membermarkrlondon5-Jun-19 23:26 
GeneralRe: Microsoft rant Pin
honey the codewitch6-Jun-19 4:56
memberhoney the codewitch6-Jun-19 4:56 
GeneralJesus Wept! Pin
Mark_Wallace4-Jun-19 10:34
memberMark_Wallace4-Jun-19 10:34 
GeneralRe: Jesus Wept! Pin
RickZeeland4-Jun-19 10:44
mveRickZeeland4-Jun-19 10:44 
GeneralRe: Jesus Wept! Pin
Mark_Wallace4-Jun-19 13:13
memberMark_Wallace4-Jun-19 13:13 
GeneralRe: Jesus Wept! Pin
RickZeeland4-Jun-19 21:55
mveRickZeeland4-Jun-19 21:55 
GeneralRe: Jesus Wept! Pin
Mark_Wallace5-Jun-19 7:59
memberMark_Wallace5-Jun-19 7:59 
GeneralRe: Jesus Wept! Pin
Eddy Vluggen4-Jun-19 11:24
mveEddy Vluggen4-Jun-19 11:24 

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