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GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
kmoorevs5-Jun-19 9:15
memberkmoorevs5-Jun-19 9:15 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
Mycroft Holmes5-Jun-19 13:03
memberMycroft Holmes5-Jun-19 13:03 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
Marc Clifton5-Jun-19 9:15
protectorMarc Clifton5-Jun-19 9:15 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
Mark_Wallace5-Jun-19 11:18
memberMark_Wallace5-Jun-19 11:18 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
markrlondon5-Jun-19 22:16
membermarkrlondon5-Jun-19 22:16 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
W Balboos6-Jun-19 1:19
mveW Balboos6-Jun-19 1:19 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
markrlondon14-Jun-19 9:33
membermarkrlondon14-Jun-19 9:33 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
Member 79891226-Jun-19 11:32
memberMember 79891226-Jun-19 11:32 
Many years ago, I got something in the same class from the other side - the users/customers:

I was teaching a week long course on this great new office automation system; the students had never seen a computer screen before, only typewriters (and some of them were unfamiliar with electric typewriters. In those days we had "NLQ" (Near Letter Quality) matrix printers with a ribbon, like a typewriter.

The last half hour of the last day was set off to reactions: How do you like this working style, where you can move text around without retyping it, have automatic text justification, chapter numbering, generate a table of contents and an index?

Sure, all of that is probably fine, but the color that ribbon in the printer ... It is so cold, almost bluish black. It is unfriendly. Couldn't we have a ribbon with a more brownish-black tone? That would make our letters to our customers a lot more friendly looking.

This was the very first reaction that came up, and every single student agreed that this was an essential compliant. All the other requests or complaints about the system was supported by just a few of the students; the others liked it or had no opinion. But everyone agreed that the ribbon should be more brownish.

We did forward this complaint to the printer manufacturer, who gave it a serious treatment, but I don't know if they ever did make more brownish ribbons; the bluish one was all they could offer when we made the request.

I had just completed my studies, super-proud of all the fancy software technology I brought them. This was like getting a bucket of ice cold water thrown in my face. But it taught me, in what I felt as a brutal way, that customers/users (sometimes) don't give a sh*t about my pride in "my" technology; they may ask for quite different qualities. (Usually, sales people are much better at grasping this than software developers!)
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
Jacquers6-Jun-19 20:20
memberJacquers6-Jun-19 20:20 
GeneralRe: I cannot eyeroll enough Pin
BillWoodruff6-Jun-19 22:14
mveBillWoodruff6-Jun-19 22:14 
GeneralChairs PinPopular
#realJSOP5-Jun-19 8:37
mve#realJSOP5-Jun-19 8:37 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
RickZeeland5-Jun-19 8:49
mveRickZeeland5-Jun-19 8:49 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
Kschuler5-Jun-19 10:47
memberKschuler5-Jun-19 10:47 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
Mark_Wallace5-Jun-19 11:21
memberMark_Wallace5-Jun-19 11:21 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
markrlondon5-Jun-19 22:33
membermarkrlondon5-Jun-19 22:33 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
den2k885-Jun-19 22:40
professionalden2k885-Jun-19 22:40 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
Gary Wheeler6-Jun-19 6:06
memberGary Wheeler6-Jun-19 6:06 
GeneralRe: Chairs Pin
Member 79891226-Jun-19 11:40
memberMember 79891226-Jun-19 11:40 
GeneralThought of the Day PinPopular
OriginalGriff5-Jun-19 4:49
protectorOriginalGriff5-Jun-19 4:49 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
PeejayAdams5-Jun-19 5:00
memberPeejayAdams5-Jun-19 5:00 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
DerekT-P5-Jun-19 5:17
professionalDerekT-P5-Jun-19 5:17 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
fd97505-Jun-19 5:30
professionalfd97505-Jun-19 5:30 
QuestionRe: Thought of the Day Pin
lopatir5-Jun-19 5:31
memberlopatir5-Jun-19 5:31 
GeneralRe: Thought of the Day Pin
Chris Quinn6-Jun-19 0:21
memberChris Quinn6-Jun-19 0:21 
GeneralCompiler Warnings... Pin
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter5-Jun-19 2:29
mveKornfeld Eliyahu Peter5-Jun-19 2:29 

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